Large Reseller Uses EFT SMB to Back Up Gigabytes of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Data

One of Cisco’s top U.S. resellers, a $9B technology solutions supplier to enterprises in the commercial, public, and telecom service provider sector, needed to back up call data from numerous Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) locations, and then store them for an extended period.

The reseller needed a simple and low-cost solution to securely and efficiently back up call data from multiple, dispersed locations to a central repository, and then store them for an extended period.


The IT team used scripts and free, unsupported, insecure tools downloaded from the Internet to back up their data. As their volume of data increased, their methods of file transfer couldn’t sustain their productivity or maintain their security initiatives in the long run. The reseller sought out a secure file transfer solution that would integrate with their existing systems, while enabling full operational visibility over their data transfer infrastructure, including monitoring and tracking of all file activities. Additionally, the solution needed to be certified by Cisco to interoperate with CUCM.

The capability to back up CUCM files and other backend system files daily, even when the size of data could be a few gigabytes, was crucial. The reseller also required an accessible and reliable solution for secure management of their backup data.

The reseller needed to save the backups for an extended period of time for legal and business continuity reasons. It’s important to note that when the CUCM backs up its data to an SFTP server, it only retains a certain number of backup files. Then after that number of files is backed up, it overwrites the oldest file with the latest backup.

Ultimately, they needed a data transfer solution that was secure, well-supported, yet economical to buy and easy to maintain.


The reseller selected Enhanced File TransferTM (EFTTM) SMB with the SFTP module, electing to independently install the solution on a Windows server computer. The network administrators configured their CUCM to connect to EFT SMB using the SFTP protocol, which also included pointing the CUCM backup location to the EFT SMB server.

In less than an hour, EFT SMB was ready to backup data from the CUCM.

Backing up other systems was also as easy as adding a SFTP Site on EFT SMB and sending the data to EFT SMB via the SFTP protocol. The administrators also configured remote access to EFT SMB from their desktops for user management and monitoring.

In EFT SMB with the SFTP module, the reseller could have written scripts or manually moved the data to another location. However, once they experienced the simplicity and power of EFT SMB, they realized they could do so much more with it than just backup files.

To simplify and automate backup to a remote location, the reseller also purchased the File Transfer Client module and Timer module. These modules enabled the reseller to create scheduled event rules to move (offload) the data to a remote location on a schedule. The Folder Monitor module was also purchased so that, as backup files were added to the monitored folder, EFT SMB would automatically move the backup file to the remote location. Doing so prevented the CUCM from overwriting backup files once the backup file limit was reached.


The reseller has the solution they needed, with unmatched support. They were able to successfully back up gigabytes of data from CUCM files and other backend system files on a daily basis, while keeping the data for future review in a secure, remote location. Additionally, EFT SMB allowed the reseller to integrate other existing IT systems with a secure file transfer process allowing for increased data management, monitoring, and tracking of file activity.

Globalscape customers chose Globalscape for their data exchange needs because of the simple installation and configuration, and increased data security they receive. Not to mention the U.S.-based customer support that is available, should they need it.

Globalscape customers have recognized the following benefits of using EFT SMB with CUCM:

  • Installation and configuration can be completed in less than a day
  • Backing up the CUCM is as simple as pointing its backup path to EFT SMB so that the CUCM can push data and logs to EFT SMB automatically
  • Call detail records and log files are saved to a network location and can be accessed securely
  • All files can be stored on EFT SMB and/or moved to a remote location for extended storage
  • No scripting required with the Timer, File Transfer Client, and Folder Monitor modules
  • No need to copy files to portable media to transfer files because EFT SMB is installed on the same network as CUCM

Cisco Compatibility

Globalscape is a Cisco Solution Partner Program “Preferred Solution” provider, and has certified EFT SMB with specific versions of CUCM. You can use any SFTP server with CUCM, but Cisco recommends SFTP servers that have been certified with Cisco through the program.

About Globalscape

Globalscape is an innovative software company that secures mission-critical exchanges of data across multiple platforms—including remote and mobility solutions—for businesses worldwide. Through superior software, standards compliance and experienced, reliable support, Globalscape secures information exchange for individuals, global enterprises, governments, and small and medium enterprises across a wide range of industries.

Large Reseller Uses EFT SMB to Back Up Gigabytes of Cisco


  •   EFT SMB
  •   SFTP module
  •   File Transfer Client module (optional)
  •   Folder Monitor module (optional)
  •   Timer module (optional)

Key Benefits

  •   Eliminate reliance on hard-to-use, outdated transfer systems
  •   Fast, easy implementation
  •   Full integration with business-critical applications
  •   Disaster recovery readiness
  •   Backup to and restore from network locations instead of portable media
  •   Push call detail records and trace/log files from CUCM to a network location
  •   Quickly install and deploy
  •   Industry-leading, U.S.-based support