Hospital Gains Optimal Uptime with EFT Enterprise

Challenge: A Chicago-based hospital faced the daunting challenge of upgrading their existing legacy file transfer solution. The hospital lacked a reliable and efficient infrastructure to handle the high volume of sensitive data moving internally throughout the institution. Additionally, they regularly exchanged data with insurance companies, hospital vendors, and business partners.

The hospital could not afford to deal with the problems that often accompany downtime. Downtime would mean patient admissions, medical records, and other data collection would need to be taken on paper, and then later scanned in or manually entered into the system. Dealing with downtime could also mean medical professionals would not have access to their patients’ files when they needed it.


By implementing Globalscape’s Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) Enterprise Solution with High Availability (HA) in an Active-Active configuration, the hospital eliminated their downtime risks.

When deployed in an active-active cluster, EFT with HA allows for two or more servers to manage network traffic. If one goes down or gets overloaded, other servers continue to provide uninterrupted service, preventing downtime and increasing efficiency. As an additional efficiency feature, the hospital also implemented automated workflows and events coordinated between “nodes” to deliver highly available automation. Through the system’s automated processes, a system administrator is notified if a node goes down and then assured that other servers are continuing to run and transfer files.

Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise and its automation capabilities also ensured that the hospital could meet compliance and security mandates through automatically enforced policies. Expired data access, old data and records, inactive accounts are a security and efficiency risk; with EFT they can be purged automatically and without human intervention.

Through Globalscape’s DMZ Gateway the hospital also gained an extra layer of security between the internal and external firewalls, allowing their data to reside directly on the internal network. The DMZ Gateway segments data transmission so there is not a direct line of sight into your internal network and acts as a go-between for EFT and the internet. Data is never stored in the DMZ, helping the hospital facilitate critical compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS.

In collaboration with the hospital’s Information Systems Director, Globalscape provided a customized solution to support a highly-available and secure infrastructure which not only met the hospital’s core information systems requirements – but also met long term business and IT goals.


As a result of the hospital’s implementation of EFT Enterprise with High Availability in an Active-Active Configuration, the hospital was able to minimize downtime risks. They were also able to take advantage of the efficiency boosting capabilities of data transfer automation in a highly available environment, ensuring that complex data workflows and data transfer processes could continue independently, without human interaction. Their implementation of Globalscape’s secure information exchange solution saved the hospital time and money.

Overall, EFT with HA in Active-Active provided the hospital with an extremely reliable and effective file transfer solution. Through a highly available and secure system, the hospital wouldn’t have an increase in overhead spend for the potential overtime pay for the employees required to manually manage patient information and financial data. Additionally, the combined benefit of EFT’s automation and highly available system meant less money and time was spent on employees attempting to accomplish the manual implementation of workflows and processes. The hospital’s system ran efficiently and reliably, so departments within the organization could securely exchange data.

Globalscape Success Stories


  •   EFT Enterprise
  •   High Availability in active active
  •   DMZ Gateway

Key Benefits

  •   Business continuity
  •   Enhanced operational efficiency
  •   Data transfer security
  •   Scalable infrastructure
  •   HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant
  •   Automated workflows and processes

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