Government Agency Saves Time with Professional Services

One government agency went through an organization shift and inherited Globalscape EFT, which was managing the organizations file transfers. EFT was a vital part of the agency’s every-day operations. However, the new department did not have the background or time available to learn the product effectively. Additionally, the server it resided on required more attention than they could offer.


The agency discussed the possibility of upgrading their server to include a newer operating system and the latest version of EFT. However, that would have taken additional manpower to accomplish and there was no additional budget for staff augmentation.


The government agency contacted Globalscape to see what cost effective options were available to them. The initial step was to conduct a ‘No Cost Solutions Review’ where a Globalscape engineer reviewed their current environment to better assess the situation. The review determined that the agency required the need for the SFTP Module, Event notifications, FIPS 140-2 compliance, which they could gain through the High Security Module (HSM) and the Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM).

These requirements were all available via Globalscape’s EFT Cloud Services solution, which combines the benefits of its on-premises managed file transfer suite with a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure.


EFT Cloud Services provided a simplistic approach to account and systems management via a web browser with easy to use options. Through EFT’s modular platform, the government agency gained a cost-effective secure file transfer solution that provided them with the ability to:

  • Authenticate and transfer data with secure FTP clients
  • Automate file transfer processes and data workflows
  • Protect file transfers with encrypted transferred data
  • Analyze captured data in real-time using preconfigured reports

Additionally, EFT Cloud Services gave the agency the 24x7 access to the technical support that they needed, without going over budget. 

Globalscape Success Stories


  • Professional Services
  •   EFT Cloud Services
  •   SFTP Module
  •   Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM)
  •   High Security Module (HSM)

Key Benefits

  •   Scalable and affordable file transfer solution
  •   Meet and maintain critical compliance mandates
  •   Gain additional support without increasing overhead costs with new hires
  •   Centralized platform for ease of use

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