Global Retail Brand Streamlines Business Processes and Secures Data Transfers through Automation

Challenge: A global, upscale retail brand has service-level agreements (SLA) with their banking and credit card processing partners, risking an increase in rates or loss of service. Most file transfers occur nightly, and all parties (the organization and the partners) require that files are received within milliseconds of specific time-segment expectations.

Their disparate, legacy managed file transfer (MFT) system was unreliable and often caused the retail brand to miss SLAs. The company also had problems reliably exchanging files with their offshore manufacturing facilities, global distribution centers, and central distribution clearinghouse.

The high cost to maintain and support the legacy MFT solution caused the company to go over budget because of an increase in man hours. The IT staff had to spend time implementing complicated, manual workflows, instead of being able to focus on building out and developing the company’s interactive business initiative. The retail brand’s corporate office also faced challenges managing the high volume of HR and payroll data transfers received from their lines of business across the U.S. Because the data transfers happened at various times throughout the day and week, the IT staff had a difficult time manually moving the received data to the appropriate network location in a timely manner.


The company transitioned to EFT Enterprise, adopting Globalscape’s advanced automation system Event Rules.  Transitioning to EFT Enterprise allowed the company to not only meet those crucial SLAs and business continuity policies, but also to streamline the originally complicated and manual workflows for HR and payroll. With their new managed file transfer solution in place, the incoming HR and payroll data automatically transfers to the appropriate department file location on the network.

Additionally, the company deployed a second segregated Globalscape secure file transfer solution in a highly available environment in their primary data center, with automatic failover to a secondary data center. At each distribution center, a new efficient workflow process matched work orders to selected merchandise.


Eliminating the legacy MFT solution not only improved the efficiency of the IT department, but it improved the overall efficiency of the entire company. The IT staff no longer needed to manually transfer high volumes of HR and payroll data, and they didn’t need to re-send files to global distribution facilities. With the IT staff spending less time managing an unwieldly and outdated MFT system, they had more time to support employees and build out the business analytics platform for the retail brand’s digital initiative. Their legacy MFT system required five separate applications to manage a process that involved sensitive data transfers, where now only one system is required—EFT Enterprise.

Through EFT Enterprise, the retail brand automated processes, improved workflow management, and secured sensitive financial data transfers reliably and efficiently. They were also able to create new secure file transfer processes in half the time of their legacy MFT solutions, which saved nearly $100,000 per year in software maintenance and support costs, and a resource savings amount to one half of a full-time employee per year. The highly available infrastructure and efficiency improving file transfer automation capabilities of EFT Enterprise with Event Rules enabled the organization to meet critical SLA contracts with their financial trading partners, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers.

Globalscape Success Stories

Key Benefits

  •   Saved $100,000 in maintenance and support costs
  •   Met SLAs through secure, automated file transfers
  •   Streamlined processes by eliminating an inefficient legacy MFT system

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