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EFT Arcus v EFT Arcus (MFTaaS) v7.4.15
  • Added a new User Settings Template for administrators to use the “Arcus Management Site” to allow self-service of some server-level functions, accessed via the WTC folders:
    • AdminUsers - Upload a JSON file into this folder to immediately disable a specific admin account
    • ARMDB-Dumps - Create a CSV or HTML file with specific data dumped from the ARM DB
    • Backups - Upload Backup and restore JSON file to control backups and restores to their data on EFT.
    • Certs - Upload certs here and then reference them directly from the administration interface
    • Custom - Upload customized email templates to this folder
    • Downloads – Contains the RAM agent and other files for download
    • Logs - Access your EFT logs here
    • Site-Root - Direct access to your site root
  • Added a self-service portal for administrators to reset their password and configure 2FA for administrator accounts
  • Enhanced the ARM reporting function with the addition of nightly database fact table builds that are used to pre-process data for some reports, greatly increasing their speed
  • Improved the purge capability of the ARM database and eliminated old data that is made redundant by the fact tables
  • Improved performance for the drop-off portal
Change Log
Change Logs