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EFT Arcus v 7.4.12

WTC/Workspaces Enhancements

  • Added ability to send emails to 20 addresses at once from Workspaces (previously was 10 emails)
  • Added ability to download entire folder structures (as a ZIP)
  • Added ability to move folders in WTC
  • Added a broken transfers warning in WTC
  • Added ability to display full name rather than login name in WTC.

LDAP changes:

  • Allow user lookup in LDAP directory service for SAML and Workspaces logins
  • Map LDAP users to a Settings Template


  • Updated SSL library to OpenSSL v1.0.2p
  • Updated SFTP FIPS libary to meet current FIPS compliance standards
  • Improved SFTP logging to capture algorithms used


Added ability to ignore or enforce the SAML Assertion Signature or SAML Message Signature

Added support for IdP-initiated SAML SSO login

Added the ability to enable/disable RSA SecurID and RADIUS two-factor authentication for Active Directory (internal) users. The account configured in EFT must match the user account on the RSA server. Whatever the user provides to log in to EFT is sent to the RSA server. (Refer to the article at for details of changing the challenge text in the dialog box that appears.)

Allow multi-part sequential transfers from the cloud

Added ability to capture the reason for a manual IP ban for remote administration access

Added ability to add context variables and values to web services XML response

Added ability to calculate disk quota for "never logged in" users and/or for disabled users

Removed/hid user disk quota from administration interface

Added ability to specify a whitelist of additional domains and IPs to accept in host header

Added ability to specify Content Security Policy to pass security web scans

Added ability to disallow (Shut Off) Basic Authentication for HTTPS

Added ability to specify HSTS max age

In the Download Action, added option to treat as successful when downloading (FTP, SFTP, and HTTPS) from a remote server and one or more files are missing

Added ability to import/export XML files of Event Rules with password used in the Event Rules

Added "if action FAILED then" logic to Send notification email Action so that the administrator can specify what should happen if the Send notification email Action fails (e.g., stop processing the rule)

AS2 changes:

  • Updated AS2 Signature and Encryption Algorithms for inbound transactions
  • Added custom header support in AS2 Send File dialog box and AS2 Outbound Parameters.
  • Updated AS2 library to the EDI integrator 2016 component
  • Updated signature and MDN algorithms; EFT will use sha-256 for new AS2 connections going forward and use sha1 for existing AS2 connections that have already been defined
  • Added ability to allow asynchronous MDN notifications to process properly in any node in HA cluster
  • Added support for GZIP payloads for MDN responses
  • Added support for specifying MDN signing algorithm (MIC) for inbound transactions


Added ability to specify custom headers for outbound transfers

Added ability to specify which signature algorithms to allow for inbound transfers

Added ability to specify which encryption algorithms to allow for inbound transfers

Added ability to specify which signature algorithms to allow for outbound transfers

Added ability to specify which encryption algorithms to allow for outbound transfers

Change Log
Change Logs