July 21, 1997 Press Releases
SAN ANTONIO, TX. - GlobalScape Inc. and act2 Inc. announce their agreement for distribution of the popular File Transfer Protocol utility, CuteFTP, into Japan. CuteFTP is a Windows-based Internet application that allows novice users to utilize the capabilities of FTP without having to know all of the protocol itself. It simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly, graphical interface instead of the cumbersome and complex command-line utility. These features have helped CuteFTP to become one of the most popular consumer FTP clients in the world.
August 7, 1996 Press Releases
SAN ANTONIO,TX. - After only two months of it's latest release, CuteFTP was rated as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Winsock Applications by Wired Magazine. "Learning to read hieroglyphics is easier than learning File Transfer Protocol," states Sandra Poole-Christal, President of GlobalSCAPE, "but 'FTP' is a quick, handy way to retrieve files from remote sites or servers on the Internet." CuteFTP expels the DOS-like commands with an easy-to-understand, File Manager-like interface, bringing serious file sharing into the hands of novice and power users alike.

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