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GlobalSCAPE, Inc. Corrects Information for the Company’s 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders

SAN ANTONIO – August 9, 2018 – GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (NYSE American: GSB) (“GlobalSCAPE” or the “Company”), a worldwide leader in the secure movement and integration of data, today corrected certain information relating to the proxy materials for the Company’s 2018 annual meeting of stockholders (the “2018 Annual Meeting”) and provided certain additional information relating to the 2018 Annual meeting.

As previously announced, the 2018 Annual Meeting will be held on October 10, 2018, at 9:00 a.m., local time, at the Company’s corporate headquarters located at 4500 Lockhill-Selma Road, Suite 150, San Antonio, Texas 78249, or at such other time and location to be determined by the authorized officers and set forth in the Company’s proxy statement. 

Additional information about the 2018 Annual Meeting will be contained in the definitive proxy statement (SEC Form DEF 14A) which the Company intends to file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on or about August 31, 2018. In accordance with Securities and Exchange Commission rules, instead of mailing a printed copy of the proxy statement, annual report and other materials relating to the Annual Meeting to stockholders, the Company intends to mail a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials, which advises that the proxy materials are available on the Internet to stockholders. The Company intends to commence distribution of the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials on or about August 31, 2018. 

Because the 2018 Annual Meeting will be held more than 30 days from the anniversary date of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, the Company is also informing its stockholders of the revised deadlines for proposals, director nominations and other related matters for consideration at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

Pursuant to Rule 14a-8 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”), stockholders may present proper proposals for inclusion in the 2018 Proxy Statement and for consideration at the Company’s 2018 Annual Meeting.  To be eligible for inclusion in the 2018 Proxy Statement, a proposal must be received by the Company no later than August 24, 2018, and must otherwise comply with Rule 14a-8.

In addition, under the Company’s Amended and Restated Bylaws, in order to nominate a director or bring any other business before the stockholders at the 2018 Annual Meeting that will not be included in the 2018 Proxy Statement, the proposal must be received by the Company’s Corporate Secretary on or before August 20, 2018.

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GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (NYSE American: GSB) is a pioneer in securing and automating the movement and integration of data seamlessly in, around and outside your business, between people and places, in and out of the cloud.  GlobalSCAPE provides technology that automates your work and secures your data, while giving visibility to those who need it. GlobalSCAPE makes business flow brilliantly. For more information, visit or follow the blog and Twitter updates.

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