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GlobalSCAPE Announces AS2 Support for EFT Server

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE, Inc. (AMEX:GSB), a leading developer of file centric software for the Internet, announced that an AS2 add-on module for EFT Server is expected to be released during June 2008. The AS2 add-on module allows EFT Server to securely exchange data in real time with other AS2-enabled partners, which fills a growing need in the EFT Server community.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a protocol used to exchange structured business data securely on top of the HTTP or HTTP/S protocol. Any type of data can be exchanged using AS2, including traditional supply chain messages, such as purchase orders or shipment status between retailers, XML, flat files, spreadsheets, and CAD/CAM data. AS2 offers distinct advantages over plain HTTP, including increased verification and security achieved through the use of receipts and digital signatures. AS2 provides transactions and acknowledgements in real time, increasing the efficiency of document exchanges. Many organizations are migrating to this protocol to reduce costs, and requiring their trading partners to switch to the AS2 protocol.

EFT Server supports both client (outbound) and server (inbound) AS2 transfers with a Drummond-certified AS2 adapter that has achieved interoperability with other Drummond-certified AS2 servers and clients. For outbound transfers, EFT Server connects to a trading partner, creates an "envelope" for the data, then delivers the data securely over the Internet. For inbound transfers, the Server verifies that the data is sent intact and provides synchronous or asynchronous receipts. AS2 is not concerned with the content or validity of the data being sent, but only with the connection and the secure, reliable exchange of data.

“The addition of AS2 enhances EFT Server by solving numerous pain points expressed by the EFT Server community, which includes the need for better transaction-auditing capabilities for proving or disproving past transactions,” said Robert Oslin, Product Manager for EFT Server. “Additionally, EFT Server customers can work with major supply chain systems already in place, including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, Dollar General, and many more.”

GlobalSCAPE’s EFT Server is part of a modular enterprise product that allows customers to expand functionality as their needs increase. Modules include Secure Ad Hoc Transfer, DMZ Gateway Server, Web Transfer Client, Auditing and Reporting, and shortly, AS2. The AS2 add-on module extends EFT Server’s ability to work with almost any file transfer client or standard. In addition to AS2, EFT Server supports HTTP/S, FTP/S, and SSH, making it the most comprehensive, secure, managed file transfer product available. Furthermore, EFT Server’s Event Rule-based pre and post processing allow it to easily interface with existing back-end and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Systems.

Tim Barton, Vice President and team leader of EFT Server products, added, “While exciting, the AS2 module is only one of a number of new enhancements and products that will be delivered in 2008. We are dedicated to developing the most feature-rich, yet easy-to-use, set of managed file transfer tools in the marketplace.”

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