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GlobalSCAPE Introduces the Secure Ad Hoc Transfer Module

Fast File Exchange with Security, Auditing and Compliance Now Available

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP), leading the market on the integration of Managed File Transfer and Wide Area File Services technologies, today announced the Secure Ad Hoc Transfer (SAT) Module, a new offering that allows users inside an enterprise to send and receive files of any size securely to and from recipients outside of an organization, complete with secure authentication, non-repudiation and auditing capabilities.

The SAT Module, which works in conjunction with GlobalSCAPE's Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) server, is designed for companies that need an out-of-the-box solution to exchange files without having to manually create temporary FTP accounts, or who need an alternative to regular email because of security and size limitations. The SAT Module offers non-technical users a simple means of file exchange, eliminating time delays and high costs associated with physical shipments, and replaces proprietary, home-grown file transfer solutions common in enterprise environments.

The SAT Module is perfect for companies that regularly or periodically need to securely send and receive files containing sensitive or business-critical information to business partners or customers that are too large for e-mail attachments, and for company administrators that do not want to spend overhead time creating individual FTP accounts. The automated process is bi-directional, so the full product capabilites are available to both the sending and receiving parties. The module also offers built in full non-repudiation and auditing of files that have been sent and received. This is extremely important where financial or healthcare transactions must be verifiably completed.

"We are delivering a modular strategy with EFT Server, giving smaller companies with security and compliance requirements a low cost of entry, and a migration path for enterprise-level companies to expand product use as business needs dictate," said Robert Oslin, Director of Product Management at GlobalSCAPE. "With the new SAT Module, we've solved a common problem by offering on-demand access that guarantees fast and secure exchange of large files complete with non-repudiation and compliance reporting, which is necessary for corporate auditing requirements."

The SAT Module automates the process for secure file sending and receiving. Users simply connect to a web page, fill in the sender and recipient information, and attach one or more files to send. It then automates the process of setting up a temporary user account, folder, and login credentials. An e-mail notification is sent to the recipient alerting them that there are files waiting, and it also includes a secure link and login credentials to the temporary account created by the GlobalSCAPE EFT Server.

When the recipient logs on to the server, they will see the list of files which can be downloaded with a simple mouse-click. If given permission, the recipient will be able to upload files back to the server for the sender to retrieve at a later date. Temporary accounts will be disabled and deleted after a period of time as assigned by the administrator.

The SAT Module also incorporates an audit trail to support regulatory or industry compliance reporting requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI Data Security, HIPAA and BASEL II. These reports give auditors a detailed record of user activity including who connected to the server, what was transferred and when it occurred.

The SAT Module was built for companies that require flexibility in provisioning their external partners, along with security and auditing compliance, when exchanging files. For example, with some configuration changes, authentication can be tied to an Active Directory database, and by locating the GlobalSCAPE EFT server on the DMZ, business partners outside the originating organization can instantaneously "relay" files to another third party, who in turn can leverage the SAT Module capabilities for communication with other business partners.

Pricing and Availability

GlobalSCAPE's EFT Secure Ad Hoc Transfer Module is available immediately starting at $4,995.00

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About the GlobalSCAPE EFT Server

The Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server is GlobalSCAPE's solution that protects intellectual property, trade secrets, and customer files transferred over the Internet using secure protocols including FTPS (SSL/TLS), SFTP (SSH2) and HTTP/S. EFT Server helps meet regulatory and privacy requirements by including OpenPGP technology for encrypting, decrypting and signing files stored on disk. EFT Server also includes provisions for offloading files to another server securely or to a network share.

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