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GlobalSCAPE Unveils Auditing and Reporting Module for Enhanced File Transfer Server

New Auditing Tools Help EFT Server Administrators Meet Emerging Reporting Requirements for IT Controls

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP) today announced Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server is available with advanced auditing and reporting that captures all of the transactions passing through the server and presents the data in an easy-to-use reporting interface. Users can analyze the captured data with pre-built reports or custom design their own reports with the included report designer. The new reporting feature records everything that happens between the server and client, enabling administrators to effectively search and present that information any way they want.

Key uses include:

  • Compliance - Additional log data is captured to support emerging reporting requirements addressed in Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI Data Security, HIPAA and BASEL II. The reports give auditors a detailed record of user activity including who connected to the server, what was transferred and when it occurred.
  • Billing - Extensive server transaction monitoring along with custom reports generates accurate client billing.
  • Statistical Analysis - Establish trends, find the most active customers, and determine peak demand.
  • Troubleshooting - Capture all socket, protocol, authentication, and transfer information and rapidly analyze it to pinpoint problems.
  • Non-repudiation - Ensure that files have been sent and received. This is extremely important where financial or healthcare transactions must be verifiably completed.

"Adding comprehensive auditing and reporting to the data security provided by Managed File Transfer applications provides administrators with the information they need for compliance audits, troubleshooting or customer billing," said Frank Kenney, Gartner Research Director.

EFT Server captures significantly more data points than standard log file logging. The data is stored in real time in a relational database which can be queried from the EFT Server Administrator or directly from independent reporting systems. EFT comes with everything you need to get started, including a database, 30 preconfigured reports, and a visual custom report designer that uses familiar Access-style controls to build customized reports.

Pricing and Availability
For more information or a free 30-day trial of EFT Server visit Contact GlobalSCAPE sales for custom pricing by calling 1-210-308-8267 or by email at

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