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GlobalSCAPE Announces 3rd Quarter Results

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, -- GlobalSCAPE (GSCP:OB), a leading developer of secure server and Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Management solutions, and Wide Area File Systems (WAFS) and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) today released financial results for the third quarter. Revenue for the quarter ending September 30, 2006 was $2,603,236, up $879,551 or 51% from the third quarter of 2005. Had the revenue from our newly acquired subsidiary, Availl, been counted for the entire quarter, the growth would have amounted to 92%. The nine month revenue of $7,463,486 was an increase of 50%.

Net Income before taxes was $832,640, an increase of 108% over third quarter of 2005. For the nine months ending September 30, 2006, net before taxes was $2,401,233, an increase of $1,311,257 from 2005. After taxes, net income for this quarter was $538,085 and $1,587,072 for the past nine months. Comparisons for 2005 were $393,728 and $1,077,911, respectively. "We are delighted with our third quarter and year-to-date numbers," said Randy Poole, GlobalSCAPE's President and CEO. "Our widely-accepted secure server/EFT revenues grew from $1,915,980 in the first nine months of 2005, to $4,718,600 in the first nine months of 2006. We expect to continue to grow this business rapidly and to understand and grow the WAFS and CDP business from Availl as well. The acceptance we are gaining with enterprises around the world and security conscious government entities at home give us reason for much optimism about our future. The Availl product lines only add to our growing reputation as the company to go to for security in moving, replicating, or collaborating on critical files."

About GlobalSCAPE
GlobalSCAPE provides secure file management software that enables companies to safely send data over the Internet. GlobalSCAPE's products guarantee the privacy of critical information such as the transfer of financial data, medical records, customer files, intellectual property, and other sensitive documents. GlobalSCAPE's file management software ensures compliance with government regulations on protecting information and allows enterprises to reduce IT costs, increase efficiency, track and audit transactions, and automate processes. GlobalSCAPE's products are used by leading technology, banking, healthcare, and public sector organizations and can be customized to fit various customer needs, creating a variety of solutions. Founded in 1996, GlobalSCAPE is the developer of CuteFTP, the most popular file transfer protocol application on the market. GlobalSCAPE is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. For more information, please visit or call GlobalSCAPE toll-free at 800-290-5054 (US) or 210-308-8267 (international).

About Availl
Based in Andover, Mass., and acquired by GlobalSCAPE last month for stock and cash totaling $9,650,000, Availl is the market leader in real time wide area file systems (WAFS) and Continuous Data Protection software. With the most advanced acceleration and true mirrored/coherent multi-directional Distributed File System, Availl's enterprise solutions are used by 14 of the Fortune 100 companies, and thousands of sites of all sizes around the globe. Availl's customers have both efficient and transparent WAFS, as well as consolidated and continuous data and database protection in real time, and on any scale. The Availl solution allows truly distributed organizations to function transparently across any distance. For more information, please visit Availl at

For corporate information, please visit or call GlobalSCAPE toll-free at 800-290-5054 (US) or 210-308-8267 (international).

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