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GlobalSCAPE's Healthcare Security Solution Enhances and Protects Electronic Data Exchange Processes

Industry Compliant Enhanced File Transfer Solution Provides Increased Security, Reliability and Automation for Improved Information Management

DALLAS, TX — Today at HIMSS, GlobalSCAPE, a leading provider of enhanced file management and content management solutions, announced the availability of its new product, Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server, a highly secure data transfer software application that is designed for the healthcare industry. EFT ensures compliance with HIPAA by protecting the confidentiality and security of medical information sent over the Internet. It gives healthcare organizations a competitive service advantage by automating processes, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving patient care, tracking and auditing transactions, and ensuring the integrity and availability of information. GlobalSCAPE's EFT solution is an enterprise-class software application that manages critical online data exchange processes in order to protect information assets from loss, theft or misuse.

Traditional approaches to protect information range from paper-based, overnight mail delivery and fax, to closed-network electronic data interchange (EDI) systems, to virtual private networks (VPNs) and virtual wide area networks (VANs). Common limitations of traditional systems include implementation difficulties, slow transaction times, lack of on demand availability, lack of standards and scalability, limitations on security, and high implementation cost. These shortcomings have led to the emergence of transactional delivery mechanisms and new Internet-based technologies, including Web Services.

GlobalSCAPE's Enhanced File Transfer solution provides the security, provisioning and management capabilities required by healthcare industry and government regulations. It ensures that encrypted transactions occur only between designated entities and that data integrity and confidentiality are preserved from transport to storage on disk. GlobalSCAPE's EFT solution is cost-effective and integrates quickly into existing infrastructure and business processes.

Solution benefits include:

  • Increased speed of data delivery
  • Significant cost savings over legacy transmittal systems
  • Increased efficiency of business processes and worker productivity
  • Reduced complexity of setup and deployment
  • Industry standard transport and data encryption services
  • Highly scalable

"New standards and new strategies have repositioned File Transfer Protocol (FTP) into a critical piece of an enterprise's B2B strategy and overall application integration initiatives," said L. Frank Kenney, Gartner Research Analyst.

"Even leading organizations compromise information security, often without anyone's knowledge," said Randy Poole, GlobalSCAPE President and Chief Operating Officer. "GlobalSCAPE’s EFT solution helps businesses better manage risk, meet stringent regulatory compliance, increase performance with business partners and ultimately improve their competitive position through secure, effective data management processes," continued Poole.

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Founded in 1996, GlobalSCAPE® is a leading developer of enhanced file transfer solutions, which enable organizations to secure and guarantee electronic transactions, and define business rules for internal and B2B applications.