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GlobalSCAPE Introduces New XML-Based Enterprise Content Management System

PublishXML(tm) Offers Businesses a Way to Repurpose Data for Delivering Up-to-Date Information Through Web Sites, Publications, PDAs, Cell Phones and Other Formats

SAN ANTONIO --GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP - News) today announced the availability of its PublishXML enterprise content management system.

Content management needs vary greatly across industries and organizations. PublishXML is designed to meet the requirements of businesses to deliver consistent, up-to-date information across multiple channels, automatically.

"Our experience in meeting the Web content management needs of mid-size organizations resulted in interaction with customers that required more sophisticated, enterprise class features," says GlobalSCAPE President and COO, Randy Poole. "PublishXML meets the demands of business where the rapid and consistent delivery of information that is format and device independent is crucial to their operations. It solves a big problem while still being implementation friendly, whether customers are working with service partners or managing it themselves," continued Poole.

PublishXML delivers powerful features, which include content repurposing, multi-server content publishing, and customizable data definitions. In addition, the application supports flexible templating, configurable user and group access rights, and a sophisticated XML workflow engine.

PublishXML is targeted for customers ranging from small businesses to large multinational organizations which exist in growing markets including finance and banking, healthcare, technology, media, publishing, manufacturing, higher education and local, state and federal government.

PublishXML offers the following features for highly effective content management:

Visual and Structured Data Authoring
With PublishXML's visual content authoring interface, what users see in their editing environment is what they will get when information is published. Users have the ability to manipulate the arrangement, size, and look of content with the WYSIWYG editor. The structured data authoring conforms content to appear in a predefined structure output such as a press release. Essential items, such as spell check, are included with the application.

Personalized Task Management Panel
Customize viewing preferences and manage tasks more efficiently in a workspace environment best suited to each individual user.

Multi-Level Workflow/Approval Process
In coordination with the workflow dashboard, workflow modules that deliver tasks from content creation to archival are an integral part of PublishXML. Optimize workloads by enabling users to know exactly what their tasks are and when they are due. Content can even be expired at a certain time and users can be notified via email.

Multi-Channel Repurposing of Content
XML, the standard for data transmission and storage, enables content to be shaped in almost any format imaginable. Enter content into the system once and make it available in full HTML, printer friendly HTML, PDF, and WML formats. This also allows your Web site visitors to get the information they need in the format they need it. For example, if they need to print a Web page, they can select the printer friendly HTML. If they are accessing your Web site with a PDA, then they can select the Handheld version of the page.

Microsoft Word Integration
Documents in Microsoft Word format are easily integrated into PublishXML. This feature benefits transition time to PublishXML since most users are already familiar with Microsoft Word.

Group Collaboration
Enable multiple users to collaborate on one piece of content from anywhere, at anytime. Powerful collaboration features are an important part of content management.

PublishXML is highly scalable. With the underpinnings built on XML technologies, content can grow infinitely large and still be easily maintained and managed by PublishXML. PublishXML will not only handle large amounts of content, but will also handle a large array of users as well.

Pricing and Availability
PublishXML is expected to ship in April and is priced at $25,000 per server. Education, government, and volume licensing options are available. PublishXML runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD or MacOS operating systems using Microsoft IIS, Apache, Netscape or Zeus Web servers. For more information, visit the GlobalSCAPE Web site at

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