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GlobalSCAPE Releases New Version of its Popular CuteFTP

CuteFTP 6.0, Built on GlobalSCAPE's Latest File Transfer Technology, now Available in Home and Professional Editions

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE Inc. (OTCBB:GSCP - News), a leading supplier of secure file management and content management solutions, announced today the release of CuteFTP 6.0(TM) Home and Professional. CuteFTP is used by millions of technology professionals and computer enthusiasts to easily transfer files between local and remote computers, anywhere in the world. Version 6.0 represents major enhancements to the product line and is built on a new foundation, incorporating the latest technologies in areas such as security, automation and ability to manage data.

"CuteFTP 6.0's new foundation enables GlobalSCAPE to rapidly respond to customer needs for file management capabilities and data security, a key concern when using the Internet as a transport vehicle. In addition, CuteFTP 6.0 Professional, when used with its Secure FTP Server counterpart, can provide the basis of an organization's data management strategy to accomplish goals including moving files to their Web servers, and sharing mission-critical information with customers, partners and off-site employees, safely and cost-effectively," said Randy Poole, GlobalSCAPE president and COO. "GlobalSCAPE's secure file management solution rivals high-end electronic data interchange (EDI) and commerce systems, a major component of which is secure file transfer, identity authentication, and post-transaction event handling," continued Poole. "Our solution is extremely reliable, easy to deploy and manage, is standards-based, and accomplishes serious business goals with a modest investment," concluded Poole.

New Features in CuteFTP 6.0 Home and Professional

SSL v3 (TLS)
Connect securely using TLS (AUTH TLS), currently under consideration by the IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) as a standard for SSL connections. CuteFTP now supports all three SSL connection mechanisms, including the widely used SSL Implicit (direct connect via port 990, as defined by the IANA) and SSL Explicit (AUTH SSL) modes.

Windows® Trusted Certificate Store
Accept or reject server certificates based on Windows' Trusted Certificate Store, in addition to CuteFTP's internal certificate trusted list for broader coverage. Available in professional version only.

Choice of Key Strengths
Secure your sessions further by choosing key strengths (up to 4096 bits) when creating SSL certificate sets. Choose between using the local CuteFTP certificate store or Windows' trusted root CA (certificate authority) store.

SSL site-to-site (SSCN) Transfers
Transfer files between remote hosts securely via SSCN, a proprietary command supported by a growing number of FTP servers and clients, and used for transferring files between two remote hosts (FXP) over a secure (SSL) channel. Without SSCN, a client can connect securely to multiple remote hosts but cannot transfer files securely between them. Available in professional version only.

Macro/Script Recording and Playback
Record and playback standard or secure FTP sessions with zero programming involved. Events and settings are captured in industry standard Visual Basic script and saved to a .vbs file. Play them back immediately in CuteFTP or schedule a future recurring task using Windows' built-in scheduler tool. Programmers can still interface directly with the COM-enabled Transfer Engine or use the record feature to capture a baseline session and then customize it in any text editor, including CuteFTP's built-in ASCII editing tool. Available in professional version only.

Windows Proxy Settings Auto-detect
Choose between manual proxy configuration or have CuteFTP automatically detect Internet Explorer's proxy settings, including proxy.pac proxy script files. This is only available for Windows XP SP1, W2K Pro SP3, W2K Server SP3, W2K Server 2003 using WinHTTP dll. WinInet dll is also queried, which is supported by XP, 2K PRO, NT4, ME, 98 and 95 to ensure success.

NAT Auto-detect & Port-mapping
CuteFTP uses the UPnP NAT interface (available in Windows XP) to provide proper port-mapping when connecting securely from behind a NAT/firewall using PORT mode (rather than PASV, due to the remote host also being behind a NAT/firewall). Without UPnP, you would need to manually set the port range in the client and also enable and forward them in the NAT/firewall device.

Define Port Range for Secure Connections
Define a port range for establishing secure connections via port mode, specify connection and transfer timeout values, automatically connect to the last visited site on session startup, specify the location in which to store the site manager and much more.

Session Enhancements
Enjoy faster application startup, highly accessible bookmarks, Windows 2003 and IIS6 compatibility, revamped overwrite logic and dialogs, after transfer events, and dozens of other internal and external enhancements.

Editor Enhancements
Work on remote documents in the integrated editor, supporting full-screen mode, or launch a more powerful editor such as CuteHTML Pro and CuteFTP will auto-detect changed files. Save in-progress work locally and use enhanced search & replace functionality.

Interface Enhancements
Load alternate language resource files, which you can translate, choose between toolbar sizes, display commonly accessed menu command images, or simply enjoy the many improvements to CuteFTP's menus, dialogs, shortcut keys, registration wizard, error descriptions, high-color icons, and more.

Pricing and Availability
A free 30-day trial of CuteFTP 6.0 Home and Professional editions for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP is available immediately at CuteFTP 6.0 Home has a standard list price of $39.99 per single-user license. CuteFTP 6.0 Professional has a standard list price of $59.99 per single-user license. Upgrade pricing is available for existing customers and volume discounts are offered for quantities of five or more.

About GlobalSCAPE
GlobalSCAPE, founded in 1996, is a leading provider of secure file management and content management solutions. GlobalSCAPE's award-winning software and services enable organizations to easily create, move and manage information over the Internet in a secure, collaborative environment. GlobalSCAPE produces high-quality content management and secure file management solutions, and ensures quality customer support. GlobalSCAPE's software is known for quality, power and ease of use, supporting users of all skill levels. For more information, please visit

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