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PureCMS Content Management Software to Include DocuComp Comparison Technology

New Technology Speeds and Enhances Content Review Process

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE Texas, LP (OTCBB:GSCP - News) today announced a technology integration partnership with Advanced Software, Inc. (ASI) to add the DocuComp® comparison engine to its PureCMS(tm) Content Management software. PureCMS offers a low-cost, high-power Web content management system to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in which IT staff can maintain site security, control, and overall design while other departments can take on the task of keeping their respective Web pages full of up-to-the-minute information.

DocuComp, best known as the "compare documents" feature in Microsoft® Word, shows managers, reviewers and other gatekeepers exactly where changes have been made on a document through redlining, underlines, and strikethrough capabilities.

"Embedding the DocuComp comparison engine gives us one more tool to improve the functionality and usability of PureCMS for our customers," says Sandra Christal, President and COO of GlobalSCAPE. "This makes the PureCMS content review and approval process even more powerful and efficient, allowing businesses to keep their Web sites up-to-date and compelling without burdening their Information Services department."

The DocuComp comparison engine uses sophisticated pattern matching techniques to compare any two versions of a file, reporting inserted, deleted, replaced and even moved text. "We're pleased to add a high-value feature to the PureCMS arsenal for rapid and effective content management," said Eric Quanstrom, ASI's director of business development. "DocuComp multiplies workflow efficiencies and increases productivity for managers and staff using PureCMS."

About GlobalSCAPE

GlobalSCAPE, founded in April 1996, is focused on the development, marketing and support of leading content and file management applications. GlobalSCAPE's products and services enable individuals and organizations to easily create, move and manage information over the Internet in a secure, collaborative environment. GlobalSCAPE produces high-quality Web site development, file management and secure data delivery solutions, and ensures a positive online buying experience and unparalleled customer support. GlobalSCAPE's award-winning programs are feature rich, designed with power and functionality in mind, but also easy to use, to support power users and novices alike. For more information regarding PureCMS, please visit or call GlobalSCAPE toll-free at 800-290-5054.

About Advanced Software, Inc.

Advanced Software, Inc. develops and licenses change management technologies for use in client- and server-based collaborative solutions. As the developer of DocuComp, the world's first automated document comparison program, it was awarded a United States patent titled Apparatus and method for comparing data groups. Advanced Software has licensed the DocuComp comparison engine to a number of notable companies including Microsoft, Apple Computer and many others. It now focuses exclusively on licensing and developing DocuComp and related change management technologies. For more information, please visit the DocuComp Web site at or call Advanced Software toll-free at 866-329-7480.

Pricing and Availability

PureCMS is available immediately from GlobalSCAPE based on a tiered, per-user license basis. Pricing begins at $350 per user and is available for 3, 10, 20 and unlimited users. For more information visit the GlobalSCAPE Web site at