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GlobalSCAPE Announces Availability of Protect IIS, Web Site Security Software

Now Businesses Can Quickly and Affordably Protect Their Web Sites From Malicious Internet Attacks

SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE (OTCBB:GSCP - News) today announced the availability of Protect IIS, its new Web site intrusion detection and protection software. Protect IIS is designed to monitor inbound traffic on Web servers through a filter in order to guard against malicious attacks such as viruses and worms. Protect IIS is designed to secure Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers, which are the standard that many companies rely on to run their Web sites. Protect IIS is an out-of-the-box solution, which sets up quickly and affords instant protection for Web servers.

"Since many companies rely on IIS to run their Web sites it is also the unfortunate focus of attacks unleashed by hackers to disrupt communication. Protect IIS is a valuable front line defense providing extra protection against Web site downtime, breach of security and potential loss of revenue," says GlobalSCAPE President and COO, Sandra Christal. "Protect IIS can be installed in five minutes and can easily be customized to meet specific business security requirements."

Protect IIS reduces susceptibility to attacks by shielding Web sites and Web applications from intrusion. The InstantAlerts(tm) Notification feature sends an e-mail notification when Protect IIS discovers an attack and the signature update service protects servers from newly discovered vulnerabilities. Protect IIS reduces the amount of administrative resources necessary to ensure secure Web operations and site availability.

Protect IIS offers a comprehensive security solution for IIS Web servers, including the following:

Downloadable Attack Signatures - Automatic, up-to-date protection, plus instant security from more than 1,500 known attacks including Nimda, CodeRed, Cross-Site scripting and SQL injection.

User-Customizable Security Policy - Control methods, keywords, URL lengths and more to meet your organization's specific security needs.

InstantAlerts(tm) Notification
Receive automatic e-mail notification when malicious attacks occur.
- Administrator Console Audit Log.
- Pinpoint sources of Protect IIS security policy changes.

Simulated Attacks - Built-in CodeRed, Nimda and other attack simulators to test your installation.

Pricing and Availability

Protect IIS is available immediately from GlobalSCAPE. Pricing is based on a tiered, per-user license basis. Introductory pricing begins at $549 per single server license. Site licensing is available on request. For more information, please visit the GlobalSCAPE Web site at

About GlobalSCAPE

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