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GlobalSCAPE's New Secure FTP Client is "Taking Care Of Business"

SAN ANTONIO--As more businesses move sensitive information via the Internet, GlobalSCAPE addresses security concerns by releasing CuteFTP Pro, a powerful business-class File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application for technology professionals.

``CuteFTP Pro provides major enhancements to the file transfer process with a set of advanced features to meet the security needs of today's businesses,'' states Tim Nicolaou, CEO of GlobalSCAPE. ``With CuteFTP Pro, files are securely transferred using client/server authentication to establish a secure SSL or SSH2 session, ensuring that confidential information stays that way,'' explains Nicolaou. Features include automated scheduling, sophisticated scripting, folder synchronization and accelerated file transfers.

Businesses will significantly benefit by using CuteFTP Pro, in conjunction with a secure FTP server, as a cost-effective alternative to VPN, WAN, Extranet deployment and administration. ``It is no longer necessary for companies to spend thousands of dollars for secure data delivery solutions that incorporate the same technology that is in CuteFTP Pro,'' explains Nicolaou.

``CuteFTP Pro gives us the best of everything -- industry-leading file transfer functionality with state-of-the-art security,'' said Dusty Garza, manager of community affairs and local programming for Charter Communications.

``Multimedia production is dependent on the ability to transfer large files. With CuteFTP Pro, we can manage all aspects of the file transfer, including what specific files to send and when to send them. The advanced scheduling allows us to automate routine tasks, saving us a lot of time in a deadline-driven field.''

CuteFTP Pro's features include:

State-of-the-Art Security

CuteFTP Pro integrates the latest security standards including Secure Shell (SSH2) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep users' sensitive file transfers private. The software incorporates a complete digital certificate management system, which includes the ability to create digital certificates, import them from a certificate authority such as VeriSign or Thwate and add digital certificates to the user's trusted list. In addition, CuteFTP Pro offers Site Manager security to protect FTP sites, usernames and passwords from unauthorized users.

Virtually Unlimited Automation

CuteFTP Pro allows users to create sophisticated scripts for automating FTP tasks through its COM enabled Transfer Engine. Users can manage the ``Cute Connection'' object from a batch file, event scheduler, Java Application or other applications using scripting languages such as Visual Basic, Perl or Java Script.

Automated Scheduling

CuteFTP Pro makes scheduling downloads, uploads, queued files or folders, and folder synchronization easy. Users only need to ``drop'' files in the queue and click the schedule button. Users can choose when and how often a specific transfer will occur -- down to the second. Users can also schedule folder synchronization for automatic and continuous mirroring of local and remote directories.

Folder Synchronization

CuteFTP Pro takes the programming out of synchronizing local and remote folders. Its Folder Synchronization tool allows users to choose the local folder, remote folder (including sub-folders) and the direction of the synchronization.

Accelerated File Transfers

CuteFTP Pro can split a single transfer into multiple parts and later recombine them upon receipt. It can also download multiple files simultaneously as opposed to sequentially. Both of these features have been proven to maximize the throughput for high-bandwidth users by up to 300%.

Multi-Site Connections

CuteFTP Pro's advanced design allows users to connect to multiple sites simultaneously. The sites appear as separate windows within the application. Users can tile or cascade the windows and even transfer from one remote site to another remote site.

Multi-Protocol Support

CuteFTP Pro gives users optimum connection compatibility by supporting File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) using SSH2 and SSL, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Smart Overwrite

A major enhancement feature of CuteFTP Pro is its ability to use programmable logic to determine whether a file being transferred needs to overwrite, resume, rename or just skip a similar file on the destination side. Users are given the ability to configure this smart logic to suit individual needs or simply let CuteFTP Pro decide.

Integrated HTML Editor

Whether users are editing remote HTML files or building a Web site from scratch, CuteFTP Pro's integrated HTML editor has the tools users need. Features include: the ability to color code the HTML, multiple document find and replace, helpful tag tips, spell check and the ability to save directly to the remote server, to name a few.

Availability and Pricing

Users can download a free 30-day trial version of CuteFTP Pro at After the trial period, the introductory cost is only $59.95, which includes free program updates and technical support for 60 days. Site license pricing is available for quantities of five or more. Upgrades from previous versions are available directly from GlobalSCAPE's Web site for $19.95. CuteFTP Pro will also be localized in several foreign languages to meet the needs of international customers. CNET is providing exclusive coverage on the product at

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