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GlobalSCAPE Restricts Public Access to its CuteMX Service

SAN ANTONIO - GlobalSCAPE, Inc. announced today it is restricting public access to its CuteMX service pending the Company's review of further developments surrounding the preliminary ruling in the Napster case. CuteMX is a peer-to-peer software program.

GlobalSCAPE's President, Sandra Poole-Christal, stated, "We believe this is the proper thing to do given the confusion over this technology in the market. While the legal issues are being resolved, we will continue to advance our real-time search technology to increase the amount of information available to consumers and make the Internet a bigger place."

GlobalSCAPE Inc., ( a wholly owned subsidiary of American Telesource International, Inc. (AI), founded in 1996, is a leader in the development, marketing and support of award-winning Internet-based software targeting both business and consumer markets. GlobalSCAPE's products include CuteFTP, a leading file transfer client and one of the most frequently downloaded programs on the Internet; CuteMX, a revolutionary file exchange utility based on GlobalSCAPE’s patent-pending real-time search technology, CuteZIP, the only file compression utility employing “strong 128-bit encryption” and supporting MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) encoding; CuteHTML, a powerful HTML editing tool used for Web site creation and maintenance and CuteMAP, a Web development tool that simplifies the creation of "clickable" images on Web pages. Located in San Antonio, GlobalSCAPE provides millions of users with complementary content and a variety of online services designed to enhance their use of the Internet.

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