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GlobalSCAPE's CuteFTP Gets Rave Reviews From Leading Industry Professionals

SAN ANTONIO, TX. - CuteFTP has taken the Internet by storm - "We thoroughly expected CuteFTP to launch with a bang but we weren't expecting such a phenomenal response, so quickly, and from such esteemed industry professionals," states Sandra Poole-Christal, President of GlobalScape.

Strouds - Consummate Winsock Applications - CuteFTP -- "CuteFTP is a stand-alone File Transfer Protocol client with a multitude of configurable options and features exceeding those of FTP clients found in web browsers and gopher clients. CuteFTP even capitalizes on many features missing in WS-FTP. One of the best features of CuteFTP is its robust stop command, similar in nature to the stop button found on many web browsers. This command allows a user to stop any operation in progress while still maintaining the connection. Beyond the stop command, CuteFTP also integrates the file listing process with file descriptions obtained from the index files found at many anonymous FTP sites (extremely helpful for deciphering the cryptic file names found at many FTP sites). Caching of recently visited directories is another distinctive feature found in CuteFTP. Finally, the collection of FTP sites that come pre-installed on CuteFTP is now second to none, relative to other FTP clients. This is an excellent app that has seen massive improvement over the last few months and should definitely be checked out by all users. Shareware is available from GlobalScape for $30 at Version Reviewed: 1.8 Date of Review: 12/12/96"

TuCows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software- "A great FTP client with the ability to spawn more connections to the same site, drag and drop, resume of discontinued downloads, a site manager organized into folders, and more."