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Award Winning FTP Client Offers Powerful New Features

SAN ANTONIO, TX., - San Antonio-based GlobalSCAPE released the latest version of the popular File Transfer Protocol, CuteFTP 2.0. This excellent FTP program has a lot more than just a pretty interface. In addition to previous niceties such as drag-and-drop capabilities, bookmarks, auto-rename scheme and resume download, this version of the long-time favorite now offers a powerful macro that records your activities so you can play back specific transfers and automate your work, directory compare for optimal Web site maintenance, fast remote file editing for HTML documents, force lower or upper case option, complete directory (tree structure) upload and download, delete entire remote directories keep alive command to maintain server connection, print local and remote file lists, quick connect 'remembers' last 5 sites, move file option, advanced filtering and a cool Internet explorer style toolbar. "We're already receiving a tremendous response about 2.0 and have had to increase the number of full-time Sales Technicians to keep up with the volume," states Robert Oslin III, Help Desk Manager. "When industry giants such as Microsoft are interested in site licenses, you know you have a good thing."

Anyone involved with Web authoring can benefit from this terrific productivity tool. A free copy of the shareware is available for download at GlobalSCAPE is a provider of Internet-based software and marketing solutions and the exclusive worldwide distributor of CuteFTP.