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GlobalSCAPE Exclusive Worldwide Distributor Of Innovative New Software

SAN ANTONIO - GlobalSCAPE, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Telesource Incorporated (ATSI), secures an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Alex Kunadze to distribute CuteFTP. This is a move that will project GlobalSCAPE into the worldwide marketplace via the Internet, says Arthur Smith, President of ATSI.

Sandra Poole, President of GlobalSCAPE, states, "CuteFTP is one of the highest rated FTP clients on the Internet. It allows the user to transfer files quickly and easily from their computer to other computers or servers in remote locations and vice-versa, making it possible to maintain a web site remotely."

With GlobalSCAPE's support, this innovative FTP client will revolutionize the way files are transferred over Intranets and the Internet by making the user interface and instructions as easy as drag-and-drop. Now, it is as simple for the novice to do what only a veteran computer user could accomplish. In addition, the efficiency of CuteFTP increases the productivity of the user by taking less time to download and upload files -- substantially less than that of its nearest competitor.

PC Magazine Online -- "Don't be fooled by the name - CuteFTP is a powerful and full featured program."

Lockergnome Reviews -- "It has potential - keep an eye on this one. I used to use WS_FTP until I started using CuteFTP. I can never go back."