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Upgrading from Previous Version

Upgrade to the current version and try new modules for free for 30 days. At the end of the free trial, if you decide to activate the new modules, contact the Customer Service Team for a new license.

Before upgrading to EFT v7, contact the Customer Service Team to obtain a new registration serial number or to determine your eligibility for an upgrade.

It is extremely important that you follow the upgrade instructions.

Change Logs
EFT Express v 7.4.11
With SQL Server Express
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Without SQL Server Express
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Changes to EFT Enterprise Only 


  • Added support for IdP initiated SAML SSO Logins  
  • Added override to relax SAML assertion on signing requirements 
  • Added support for Active Directory + RSA SecurID® chaining (login AD, then RSA) 
  • Added ability to hide forgot (reset) password for LDAP authenticated users 
  • Added option to disallow LDAP login for guest users originating from DMZ Gateway 
  • Added option to force LDAP authentication for users connecting directly to EFT 
  • Changed the default refresh interval for LDAP to 30 minutes 
  • Added ability to map a Settings template to LDAP attributes 
  • Added support to SAML auth for looking up not-yet sync’d users in LDAP 


  • Added Event Rule Download Action: Option to treat missing remote file(s) as success 
  • Added ability to inject passwords into exported rules xml, for event rule import  



  • Updated AS2 to latest libraries including choice of ciphers 
  • Added custom header support for AS2 send action 
  • Added support GZIP payloads for MDN responses (AS2) 
  • Added support for asynchronous MDNs (AS2) 
  • Added support for specifying allowed signing algorithms (AS2) 
  • Added support for specifying allowed MDN MIC algorithm for inbound transactions (AS2) 


  • Added over a dozen Windows Performance Counters associated with EFT 


  • Improved usability by instructing users on how to properly activate the acceleration module 


Changes to EFT Enterprise and EFT Express 


  • Added support for multiple group filtering under AD 
  • Added username to AuthManager login ‘failed login’ eft.log 
  • Added a registry option to disable basic authentication 


  • Added Azure shared access signatures (SAS) support to cloud connector module 
  • Added ability to inject passwords into exported rules xml, for event rule import  
  • Added support for accelerated, parallel cloud transfers to Azure (8X speed increase) 


  • Updated SFTP library in line with current FIPS compliance standards 


  • Added the ability to capture the reason behind a manual IP ban 
  • Added more context variables, such as SITE.DMZ_ADDRESS or PORT 
  • Hid the disk quota feature by default as it remains experimental 
  • Added option in EFT to select whether to do DNS lookups on the local EFT Server or DMZ Server 


  • Added the ability for users to download entire folders from the WTC  
  • Added the ability for users to move folders in the WTC 
  • Decoupled Workspaces sending from sharing permissions: A user may not have permission to share but can send, and vice versa. 
  • Added a domain whitelist property for greater control over the send file feature 
  • Provided controls for treating connections differently depending on their origination 
  • Added an advanced property (registry override) to display full name rather than login name in WTC 
  • Added more granular variables to Workspaces invite messages 
  • Enhanced the WTC to display an error on next login if a background transfer failed 
  • Updated language support for French, German, Spanish and Dutch 
  • Added ability to provision LDAP users when a workspace is shared with them 


  • Added an advanced property (registry override) to all configuration of HSTS max-age value 
  • Added an advanced property (registry override) to manage CSP Content Security Policy header 
  • Added an advanced property (registry override) to disallow support for Basic Auth for HTTP/S 
  • Improved SFTP logging to capture algorithms used 
  • Updated OpenSSL to 1.0.2p 


  • Improved auditing of expired module licenses in EFT.log 
  • Removed optional recording of contact details and IP to better comply with GDPR 


  • Changed EFT Enterprise installer file name from eftserver-ent.exe to EFT-Enterprise.exe 
  • Changed EFT Enterprise without SQL Express installer file name from eftserver-nodb.exe to EFT-Enterprise-nodb.exe 
  • Changed EFT Express installer file name from eftserver.exe to EFT-Express.exe 
  • Changed EFT Express without SQL Express installer name from eftserver-nodb.exe to EFT-Express-nodb.exe 

Bugs Fixed 

  • Numerous bug fixes
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