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EFT Arcus v 7.4.8


Admin GUI

  • High Security Module (HSM) is now Advanced Security Module (ASM) in EFT Enterprise Outlook Add-in
  • OAI now provides a Secure Message Delivery Option
  • Microsoft Outlook Digital Signature is now supported with EFT OAI
  • Microsoft Outlook Encryption is now supported with EFT OAI

Remote Agent

  • Agent/Account coexistence
    • Agents can be created on same site as standard user account
  • New Diffie-Hellman key exchange security between EFT and Remote Agent
  • Remote Agents will now auto-update when required
  • Shorter update intervals (real-time (every 15 seconds), once a minute, every 5 minutes, every 30 minutes)
  • New options for when an agent fails
  • System environment variables in remote agent rules
  • Remote Agent Condition for relevant File System triggers in event rules
  • “Run on links” option has been removed when you create remote agent rules
  • Agents can now perform client transfers to any server you designate, rather than only back to the home EFT Server


  • EFT Admins can now enable/disable the Reply portal
  • Admins will now be warned that the Request files functionality will be disabled when the Reply portal is disabled
  • EFT Admins can now enable/disable reply functionality to non-EFT users when using the Send portal
  • Request file options will now provide ability to require authentication
  • EFT Email recipients can now access the reply/reply all page from the pickup portal
  • Drop-off portal can now use generic CAPTCHA instead of Google’s re-Captcha
  • Workspace invites are now restricted to whitelisted domains (if configured)
  • EFT will now delete guest accounts if they are not part of a Workspace or transactional workspace
    • The workspace(s) are deleted if the workspace has expired or the user has been uninvited from the workspace share
  • EFT will now restrict guests to their shared workspace
    • External users will no longer be granted by default a home folder of their own
  • Workspaces will now provide a drop-down list for “From” field when an EFT user has multiple email addresses configured in their EFT account


  • Add Spanish language to WTC
  • Rebranding of the WTC including all portals

Remote Agent

  • Certificate creation for a RAM template is no longer required when configuring a new Remote Agent Enhancements


  • Increased Workspace trial license count to 100 seats
  • EFT users should now be taken directly to their shared workspace when clicking on the Workspaces link in the recipient’s email and authenticating
  • Improved the account registration and verification process
    • After verification email is sent the guest can now access their Workspace content without further authentication if the link is accessed within 60 minutes otherwise they will be required to authenticate prior to accessing the workspace


  • Support strong KEX algorithms for Incoming SFTP
    • diffie-hellman-group16-sha512
    • diffie-hellman-group14-sha256
    • diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256
    • diffie-hellman-group14-sha1
    • diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1
    • diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

Event Rules

  • Ensure S3 regions list is up-to-date

Remote Agent

  • Changed from “Active’ to “Enrolled” in the agent status list


  • Windows event “Windows Event log evaluation period expired” for modules are now logged as Warnings instead of Errors



  • Web Service – Invoke Event Rules (Detailed) report no longer returns data
  • Outlook Send Report column (Recipient) is not populating
  • PurgeSQLEFTData.sql script fails to drop all tables due to workspace fk constraint

EFT Auth

  • Admin console is hanging when login and also when trying to clone rules
  • Using £ in an SSH key password prevents outbound event rules using SFTP w/ key auth
  • Passwords not syncing with EFT AD site
  • Service hang - users can't connect
  • EFT Memory is growing gradually
  • Anonymous authentication bug since
  • Service crashing intermittently
  • After upgrade and applying hotfix, Permission groups no longer present
  • GUI Crashes with new ODBC site when creating new user

Event Rules

  • EFT Event Action S3 region list is incomplete
  • EFT S3 Region list is outdated
  • Browse Remote File System causes Error and GUI Crash
  • Scheduler (Timer) Event - Selection arrows for (Start Time and Until) render inconsistently
  • When moving folder structure using Folder Monitor rules, file transfers intermittently fail if many files are dropped into a directory that does not yet exist on the destination
  • Event Rule push/pull Action Advanced Option to Use local IP for outbound does not work with IPV6
  • ER: An unencrypted user password can be written to WEL when using User Event Rules
  • Event Rule: The reason for not being able to delete a file (move) is not provided to the user
  • EFT’s copy/move does not appear to honor the “Retries” value
  • EFT is using URL encoding on invoke WEB Service request headers after upgrading to
  • Source file name.ext not pre-populating in the source field after clicking OK
  • Source file name.ext not pre-populating in the source field after double clicking
  • UI does not refresh after deleting an Event Rule
  • File/Folder actions leak handle
  • Scheduled event rule not running at expected scheduled times after 12am

Connection Profiles

  • Connection Profile – Connection Details form disappears when the admin user hits the enter Key HTTP
  • HTTP/S ProtocolCommands auditing captures 'UNDEFINED' for many methods


  • Folder monitor override credentials being used when writing to log file

Outlook Add-in

  • EFT - Can't delete a file because Outlook is accessing it


  • PCI Invalid logins differ at the site and server level

Remote Agent

  • EFT auto populates the SSL cert details when the user selects the cancel button on the SSL certificate

Settings window

  • Remote Agent Service executable has bad description
  • Agent Install URL returns 404 for HA installations
  • Alt + * shortcuts are not working (highlighted with underscores) when creating RAM template
  • Remote Agent Template window, tab order not going left to right, top to bottom
  • Remote Agent Template can be selected via Right Click Option to "Set User Settings Template..."
  • Remote Agent Template can be selected for new administrator accounts


  • SFTP Connections very slow after about 596 hours of the EFT startup if max speed limit is enabled
  • SFTP public key and password authentication does not work from EFT event rules (outbound) to Tectia


  • ClientFTP: CSocksSocket checks timeout wrong
  • Listing fails on remote server in EFT, but not Filezilla


  • SMTP to Exchange fails with TLS 1.1 and 1.2

Status Viewer

  • EFT Admin: Status screen is not refreshing statistics


  • Cannot remove "All Users" group from a folder in VFS
  • Unable to configure streaming repository encryption when site root is a share
  • Show VFS home folder then setting permissions is broken again
  • VFS manipulation is slow


  • Refresh required when an unacceptable character is entered in Maximum message size
  • Banned file types appear to be sent from Drop-off and Send Portal
  • User isn't routed to the workspace (shared) folder upon login to WTC
  • Workspaces – Edit Workspace screen no longer displays the participant email address when the invitation is pending
  • Selected user background turns from 'blue' to 'gray' after the action
  • OAI body message is not visible when accessing the contents via WTC
  • Workspaces license limit email is being sent incorrectly
  • Workspaces guest template defaults to allow creation of workspaces
  • Http/1.1 404 Object Not Found error when clicking on Workspace link from email


  • Customizations.js executing before the UI is rendered, preventing customizations to the WTC
  • WTC/Workspaces emails use Bare Line Feeds which cause some issues with some servers
  • Embedded link downloads no longer working as of 7.4.x
  • WTC translation does not persist after clicking request file option
  • WTC – Disabling the Reply portal fails to hide the request files icon for registered guest users

March 30th, 2018 Release Notes


Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE):

  • Added support for Advanced Workflow Engine v10

Event Rules:

  • Added ability to monitor and act upon AWS S3 storage activity
  • Added ability to monitor and act upon Azure blob storage activity
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_KEY_NAME% = Exact object name, e.g. 4my$-organization, or my.great_photos-2014/jan/myvacation.jpg
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_META_DATE% = The object's date from its metadata
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_META_CONTENT_LENGTH% = The object's size in bytes
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_META_LAST_MODIFIED% = The object’s creation date or the last modified date, whichever is the latest.
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_META_CONTENT_MD5% = The base64-encoded 128-bit MD5 digest of the object.
  • Added Content Variable: %CLOUD.OBJ_META_VERSION_ID% = From x-amz-version-id, which is the object version.

AWS-specific enhancements:

  • High Availability (HA)
    • Added support for HA Unicast communication
  • Protocols – HTTP/S
    • Added support for X-Forwarded-For header
    • Added support for X-Forwarded-Port header
    • Added support for X-Forwarded-Proto header


Remote Agent Module

  • Corrected scenario of partial rule update if update package exceeded 65KB
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