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EFT Arcus v EFT Arcus v7.4.14

•    Updated EFT to latest OpenSSL and OpenSSH versions
•    Updated SQL Server drivers to allow use of newer Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols
•    Updated Web Transfer Client login page and localization features
•    Automatically encrypt/decrypt data at rest using EFT-managed AES-256 symmetric encryption
              - EncryptedFolders=TRACE added to logging.cfg
              - Allow override of the default key passcode via advanced properties
•    Added support for Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning for SAML-initiated logins (EFT Enterprise only)
•    Added a User Account Action to allow administrators to automate changes to user accounts (e.g., disable, delete, etc.)
•    Added ability for user to log in with existing EFT account instead of creating a new account after receiving invitation to pick up a file
•    Enhanced usability during initial account registration and change password requests by showing password complexity requirements
•    Added ability in Event Rules (in EFT Enterprise) to specify Created Date/Time and/or Modified Date/Time for the Cleanup in folder Action (previously available only via registry setting)
•    Added ability to enable HSTS when HTTPS is enabled, independent of the Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS feature

Change Log
Change Logs