The Most Powerful Managed File Transfer Solution Just Got Better

We Make Global Compliance Easy For Enterprises 

Global Compliance Has Never Been Easier

As a pioneer in secure managed file transfer, our clients trust us to provide the best technology and expertise for building flexible, efficient, and robust systems that scale to meet stringent and ever-changing global regulatory requirements. GlobalSCAPE’s EFT 2020 is the most powerful managed file transfer solution on the market designed to meet the demands of global enterprises. Over 100 companies in the Fortune 500 trust us to manage their mission-critical data transfers. 

EFT 2020 is a high-performance MFT for the modern enterprise. IT initiatives now require more oversight and regulation than ever, with the need for buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Meeting security and budget requirements, building a scalable and agile technical foundation, and satisfying end users are top of mind for CIOs, Systems Administrators, and Enterprise Architects. GlobalSCAPE simplifies managed file transfers and provides unmatched performance that reduces cost and makes life easier for the administrators.

EFT 2020 – The Best Is Here

EFT 2020 is the result of over two decades as a leader in MFT. We’ve developed a game-changing user experience that sets a new industry standard. And, we are the first to deliver a GDPR compliance package that supports your corporate compliance initiatives. We went under the hood and made the most powerful managed file transfer tool on the market even more efficient and secure. In addition, we’ve added the most comprehensive compliance-ready features on the market for meeting privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA. EFT 2020 is the right choice for enterprises meeting cloud-first, security-first, or efficiency-first initiatives. 


See the difference a robust managed file transfer solution can make with EFT 2020. Some of the most exciting updates available in this version include:

  • Simplified architecture for a lightweight deployment that scales
  • Automation for everyone with new EFT-native Event Rules. We've made some of our most popular advanced automation workflows available to everyone
  • Upgrades to our collaboration tool that makes sharing sensitive information seamless, secure, and intuitive
  • Unmatched performance, power, and efficiency with foundational updates that massively improve performance and speed
  • Comprehensive support for security and compliance regulations like GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, HiTECH, NIST, CCPA, and others

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