The Top 3 Cloud MFT Misconceptions

It’s 2016, and yet there are still many misconceptions surrounding the cloud. Cloud-based MFT deployments offer instant and unlimited scalability for the data transfer needs of any organization. Yet, with all of the unlimited capabilities of the cloud, there are many who are hesitant to make the move to the cloud for a number of reasons. We’re going dispel a few common misconceptions associated with MFT in the cloud, from data security to cost.

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Misconception 1: You Can’t Protect Your Data Deploying MFT in the Cloud

A company’s ability to protect their data and IT infrastructure won’t be hindered by deploying their MFT solution in the cloud. The reality is that a cloud MFT solution is the most effective way to manage and protect your data. An advanced cloud MFT solution can offer built-in enhanced security, regulatory compliance, governance and visibility controls; all of which help in adding a layered security approach to keep your data protected in the cloud.

With a cloud MFT solution, you are in full control over your data and you decide who has access and when. Preventing a data breach is far easier (and cheaper) than trying to manage the aftermath of one. When it comes to hosting providers, their entire business model relies heavily on data and infrastructure security. For that reason, they take security extremely seriously and they often take every precaution to secure their data centers.

Don’t be afraid to ask your cloud MFT vendor these questions: Does the hosting provider manage SSAE 16-compliant data centers? Do they manage a firewall infrastructure? What other security features are in place to keep cloud deployments secure?

Misconception 2: Meeting Compliance Mandates Will Be Difficult

An MFT solution will help you gain more control over compliance risks across the infrastructure. Especially for many organizations operating under heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, retail, and finance, an MFT solution can transfer, store, and access sensitive data in accordance to compliance mandates. It only makes sense that these same features ensure and maintain compliance in an on-premises MFT solution would also apply to a version built for the cloud.

Therefore, it’s important to check with the standards body overseeing the industry to make sure that there are not specific standards or certifications required in order to move to the cloud. You will also want to ensure that the cloud MFT solution you’re evaluating provides the level of security required to help you achieve all your compliance requirements.

Misconception 3:  There Isn’t a Cloud MFT Solution that Will Fit My Business Requirements  

The right cloud MFT solution will have the technologies and services that will fit a wide range of business requirements, from complex workflows to rigorous security and compliance standards. The cloud offers business flexibility and scalability. If you’re data transfer needs grow and evolve; your cloud MFT solution can grow with you.

Achieve the IT infrastructure you want, within the budget you have to spend. Globalscape customers that choose EFT Cloud Services not only gain a secure data transfer environment in the cloud, but also:

  • Flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing options that eliminate large upfront capital expenditures
  • Reduced ongoing maintenance expenses including hardware, software, personnel, utility services, and backup costs
  • Reliability and performance enabled by the top hosting providers
  • Rapid deployment with scalable processing and storage capabilities
  • Reliable and timely support from Globalscape’s US-based customer support team

For more than 20 years, Globalscape has secured mission-critical exchanges of data across multiple platforms for businesses all across the world. EFT Cloud Services combines Globalscape’s powerful flagship MFT solution with a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure.   

For secure, flexible, and hassle-free managed file transfers in the cloud, contact us to demo EFT Cloud Services today.  

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Peter Merkulov – Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology Alliances

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