Taking Your Feature Requests From Wish List to Task List

Most of us interact with software applications constantly with the intention of making our lives run smoother and faster. This is particularly true in business, as organizations strive to keep up with technological changes and drive their own digital transformation. 

With the plethora of applications and platforms available today, one might think that most needs have been satisfied, but that’s not the case. Even with most managed file transfer (MFT) solutions, there is a nexus of features that simply don’t make the general priority list for development schedules. These are usually outlier features that are high value to specific businesses, but are too specific for mass appeal. Often these features are more of a custom fit to the way a particular type of business works or how its processes flow. 

Enter the concept of custom development. Some companies offer customization options, but these are usually expensive, time consuming, and can be problematic. There is the commensurate upfront cost, the need to perform hot-fixes with every upgrade cycle, and the long-term cost with additional Maintenance & Support (M&S) contracts required for custom development. When it’s all said and done, the ROI might not be sound.

If you forego the custom development route, some companies will let you make feature requests. However, influencing a software company to change their developmental plan and timeline can be an exercise in wishing, hoping, waiting, and frustration.  

What if you could tailor your MFT software to meet your unique business conditions?

Like most technology services and software development companies, MFT software providers strive to meet the latest business need and deliver the features that satisfy the bulk of their target markets. Features get developed in response to evolving market conditions as well as some specific customer requests. But, what about specific features that can help your business effectively navigate upcoming challenges, such as impending compliance mandates, required security protections, data center changes, cloud migrations, or post-merger adjustments? These are real and urgent needs that belong on a task list rather than a wish list. 

Imagine how much more effective your team could be if you added just a few key features to your MFT platform. Your team could:
•    Meet or exceed security and regulatory compliance requirements
•    Boost productivity and accelerate growth through automation
•    Seamlessly integrate any variety of data, systems, or applications

Now imagine if you could have the features you need added on your business timeline. 

Globalscape has created a way to make this happen with our accelerated feature development program. Accelerated Development allows you to have direct influence over the feature you want added to the main Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) application(s) codebase and in what timeframe it is delivered. You can collaborate directly with the EFT Product Management team to design, develop, and test your feature. After which that feature is incorporated into the code of EFT and is available to the entire EFT user community.

See your business in the Accelerated Development frame
by reading customer experiences in these User Stories.

When you submit an Accelerated Development request, we will take time to understand your pain points and your idea space for solutions, and then co-create the right solution for your business.  

Our process is simple, quick, and transparent:
1.    Provide Your Requirements - First, talk to your account manager and sales engineer. They will scope your project and send it to our Product Management team for analysis and business proposal. 
2.    We’ll Build Your Feature - Once you accept our proposal, we will begin to build your feature to be released within the agreed upon timeframe. 
3.    Your Feature, Delivered - You will be the first to receive a beta build of the product and new feature. When the feature is finalized and the specified version of EFT is released, your feature will be generally available to all Globalscape customers.

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