Taking it to the Next Level: File Transfer Automation Strategies

Ultimately, every leader wants to take their organization to the next level. But there are a lot of obstacles that may interfere with that progression. Are you:

  • Facing difficulties meeting compliance mandates?
  • Having trouble meeting service level agreements (SLAs)?
  • Seeing an increase in overhead costs due to growing inefficiencies? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then it may be time to evaluate one underlying factor: your organization’s data and how it moves across systems, people, and third parties. Is this done in a secure, automated, and reliable way? If you are using any of the common methods of automated file transfers such as the following: HTTP web-based, windows task scheduler, or outsourced data management, then consider Globalscape EFT for automated and managed file transfers.

Why Use Automation Solutions? 

One of the major benefits of products with automation capabilities is that workflows can run with reduced intervention from your IT personnel. Furthermore human error can be an issue for any organization. Human error can be side-stepped through the use of automation products. Conveniently, Globalscape EFT is intuitive to use which makes the product much easier for administrators to manage file transfers. 

Another benefit of automation is the ability to define rules that allow organizations to automatically move files once a certain file transfer is executed. These are event triggers. Organizations can also create download actions for the moment of file transfer execution. Along with these foundational elements, there is more to automation that organizations can benefit from. Let’s get into it. 

Automate Data Transfers with EFT 

File transfer automation through Globlascape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) improves overall operational efficiency because it eliminates dependence on unreliable methods of data delivery. EFT enhances network visibility, increases the security of your data at rest and in transit, and increases overall employee productivity and efficiency, all while helping to facilitate compliance. 

In order to properly streamline data transfers, there are a few strategies every organization should consider. Let’s go through the options. 

1. Program Workflows 

Create programmatic workflows that can be used to trigger events and actions based on specific conditions. From being aware of multiple invalid logins to processing and scanning all incoming files, being able to program workflows saves time and minimizes errors. 

Workflow management can be the greatest asset by helping accomplish hundreds of tasks in a short amount of time. This is an effective way to reduce the amount of company resources that are tied-up in manual tasks as well as to avoid the repercussions of human error. Program workflows reduce reliance on specific individuals, for example if organizations experience increased vacation time, illness, or workforce limitations, core tasks will still be processed. 

2. Streamline Business Processes 

Automated workflow tools that are used with managed file transfer solutions can help optimize business processes, even when sophisticated and complex workflows are needed. MFT automation tools help administrators perform complex tasks and reduce the risks of human error. 

With automated workflow tools, limitations imposed by legacy systems no longer act as a hurdle, and event-driven automation can process more than 200 actions at a time. Administrators can easily automate and integrate workflows without the need for code or scripting, making business move faster. 

3. Process Files with Added Security Measures 

Antivirus scanners and data-loss prevention tools can permit or prevent file transfers based on your policies, help keep your network free of infected files, and help comply with regulatory standards by preventing personally identifiable information from being transferred.  There are three elements that play a major role in data security: people, process, and technology. Access to sensitive data can be restricted. Make sure that all systems, networks, and applications have the proper security controls, and that employees have the understanding to implement best security practices. 

The Globalscape Solution 

Deploying an MFT solution, like Globalscape EFT, means taking a proactive and preventative approach in automating your data transfers. If you’re ready to simplify and optimize your file transfer process, automate with Globalscape EFT.