Should You Stay… or Go to the Cloud?

In every business, leaders are often seeking out the most relevant strategies and efficient tools to take their organization to the next level. And to get there, they need to consider which tools will further enhance their organization’s operational efficiency and improve things like productivity, visibility, and security. One key question every IT leader should consider is, “should you move your data transfer infrastructure to the cloud?”

The Convenience of the Cloud, the Security of a MFT Solution

If you want the convenience of the cloud and the security of an on-premises solution, then Globalscape’s EFT Cloud Services is a good option. As the market continues to express a need for cloud storage and sharing, Globalscape continues to create solutions that can meet this need, while still maintaining security of the data and compliance of the organization.

EFT Cloud Services is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform deployed in the cloud that gives organizations the choice to manage their platform independently through a user-friendly web browser or they can have one of our dedicated Globalscape experts do it for them. The three-tiered model makes EFT Cloud Services both affordable and scalable. Our EFT Cloud Services customers also get the benefit of our managed file transfer solution, EFT Enterprise

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Globalscape's EFT Cloud Services are deployed with trusted hosting providers, and offer the security, management, and monitoring that you need, as well as the 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year access that your employees, customers, and partners demand. Whether you need simple sharing and access for end users or the ability to outsource your entire infrastructure, Globalscape EFT Cloud Services offers access the way you need it. If reduced infrastructure, increased operational efficiency, and immediate deployment options aren’t enough to convince you to take a look at EFT Cloud Services, keep reading to learn more.

Why Our Customers Choose EFT Cloud Services

Some of our customers deploy their data exchange needs in our cloud solutions to reduce infrastructure costs and increase operational efficiencies; however, the biggest reason that they are adopting this technology is that they need to deploy NOW. They don't have time to wait for budgeting new infrastructure or hiring more full-time IT staff, but they do have enough money in the budget for a month-to-month commitment.

“Always On” and Rapid Deployment 

One of the most attractive benefits of moving your data into the cloud is the 24/7 access for employees, partners, and customers. Today's businesses, no matter their industry, need the capability to share data at all hours of the day and night and every single day. Putting the data in the cloud allows that "always-on" service that customers and partners have come to expect. EFT Cloud Services also brings rapid deployment capabilities, because organizations are able to make better use of resources, deploying in a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks.

Are you thinking about moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud? Contact a Globalscape Solution Specialist today to learn why EFT Cloud Services is the right solution for you.