The ROI of Globalscape EFT: A Look at the Numbers

Switching from homegrown file transfer systems to managed file transfer solutions can have impressive results. In one instance, a company switching from internal systems to the Globalscape EFT platform reported experiencing an astounding 782 percent ROI within three years and a payback period of 6 months.

How is it possible that Globalscape’s managed file transfer solution, Globalscape EFT, could help a company experience such a significant ROI within three years? The answer is simple: organizations that use Globalscape EFT are able to leverage the managed secure file transfer solution to improve their ability to serve customers, employees, and partners.

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The High Cost of Homegrown File Transfers

With a homegrown file transfer system, organizations face problems that included a lack of scalability, inefficient processes, and one-off scripting for file transfer automation. Organizations using homegrown solutions often find they lack flexibility and have difficulty scaling their infrastructure to fit the evolving file transfer needs without drastically increasing IT resources.

The same organization’s IT professionals shared that they often improvised and spent an inordinate amount of time on scripting data workflows and reworking data workflow processes in order for file transfers to work. Since making the switch to Globalscape EFT, they no longer relied on IT professionals with specialized programming knowledge to manage the scripts for their workflows. They were also able to move their programmers to lines-of-business roles. The cost of workflow management and creation decreased annual costs by $90,000.

The ROI of Globalscape EFT: 3 Ways It Can Help

In addition to the 782 percent ROI within three years of deployment, Globalscape EFT has helped create and support 10 times the amount of secure file transfer processes than they had previously seen, and has also helped the organization see a net present value of over $3,000,000.

Ultimately, the ROI was a result of Globalscape EFT having the ability to accomplish what other file transfer systems could not, such as:

1. Simplifying the Automation of File Transfer Workflows  

Globalscape EFT customers can create and maintain automated transmission processes and workflows with ease.

Imagine if you could significantly improve the efficiency of your existing data management processes with the same amount of internal IT resources. According to the IT engineers at the organization, using Globalscape EFT helped their processes grow from 40 to 400 file transfers. Through the enhanced efficiency of EFT, the IT engineers could accomplish more without spending additional time or money.

2. No Coding Required 

The organization managed their secure file transfers with less-specialized employees when they transitioned to Globalscape EFT.

Since complex scripting isn’t required to implement automated file transfers with Globalscape EFT, neither is the specialized scripting skill required to build or maintain the organization’s data transfer workflows. As such, junior-level engineers can manage Globalscape EFT, which can significantly reduce your overhead costs.

3. Reduced File Transfer Trouble Tickets

Internal end users and IT help desk reported spending less time on file transfer issues with Globalscape EFT.

A high number of file transfer support tickets speaks to the unreliability of a homegrown system. It also speaks to a high variable cost that can and should be reduced. Globalscape EFT reduced support hours for the organization by nearly 7,000 hours. With Globalscape EFT and its more reliable file transfer infrastructure, satisfaction and relationships among vendors, clients, and internal end users were significantly improved. Fewer file transfer-related trouble tickets can easily equate to less file transfer problems and an overall greater confidence in the file transfer system. At the same time, an organization that has an IT team spending less time troubleshooting and fixing file transfer issues is an IT team that can spend time on tasks that can have a greater impact on the business.

Is a Homegrown File Transfer System Limiting Your Organization?

The limitations of a homegrown file transfer system can often lead to more time and money spent by your organization. Globalscape EFT supports a data transfer management strategy that is both more efficient from an operational standpoint and more economical to the bottom line.

If you’re ready to discover how Globalscape EFT can deliver a positive ROI for your organization, see how we've helped other organizations or contact us today to learn about Globalscape EFT.