October Recap

Happy Fall! Yes, even Texas has an autumn season, but instead of sweaters and fall colors, it just means it's less broiling in the sun—and, of course, FOOTBALL! Texas is known for its love of football!

Football aside, Globalscape certainly has been busy this month with cloud being on the forefront! Leading the discussion on the cloud conversation, Globalscape President and CEO Matt Goulet shared his thoughts in our product strategy series, “Globalscape Adapts to Cloud Requirements.” We also shared details on how our Enhanced File TransferTM (EFTTM) platform is available in popular Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) marketplaces like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In the cloud and on-premises, Globalscape EFT has helped many organizations enhance the security, productivity and overall efficiency of their IT infrastructure. For that reason, Globalscape Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology Alliances Peter Merkulov discussed how organizations benefit from EFT in the blog, “The ROI of EFT Enterprise – A Look at the Numbers.” EFT not only helps with security, productivity and efficiency – it also helps facilitate compliance.

Globalscape Resources

Guide: Be Afraid of Your Shadow – What is Shadow IT and How to Reduce It

Are you confident that employees are only using IT-sanctioned devices and applications to get their jobs done?  If the answer is “no,” then your IT infrastructure and sensitive data are far more vulnerable to being breached by hackers and cybercriminals. Download your free guide.

Globalscape in the News

Forecasting Clearer Weather: Three Tips to Overcome Cloud Challenges before they Occur

Oct 17th, 2016 

Globalscape's Peter Merkulov shares insights on how to overcome cloud challenges with Compare the Cloud.


The cloud offers organisations an opportunity to quickly and efficiently deploy tools or applications for everything from new ventures to mission-critical projects. According to a new study by 451 Research, enterprise adoption of either private or public cloud is at 41 percent, with the estimates that it will rise to 60 percent by 2018. Read full article.

Celebrating Cyberscariness Month

Oct 05th, 2016 

Computerworld developed a slideshow on Cybersecurity Awareness Month themed toward Halloween, developed with tips from Globalscape.


October is not only Cybersecurity Awareness Month; it ends with Halloween. So I worked with some folks at Globalscape to come up with a set of Cybersecurity Awareness Month tips. We decided to go with a Halloween theme -- something like “October is a month of zombies and ghosts and all manner of scary monsters, so it's the right time to focus on what we need to do to stay safe.” (Just rolls off the tongue, right?) So to help you celebrate (and enjoy more treats than tricks), we're offering some of our best tips -- dressed up in Halloween style -- to help you keep your networks and your data safe and secure. Read full article.

Privacy Shield's Drama Is Far From Over

Oct 04th, 2016 

Globalscape's Peter Merkulov looks at the EU-US Privacy Shield and the potential drama to come for Dark Reading.


It's been a couple of months since the EU-US Privacy Shield data-sharing framework went into effect. Adoption of the measure was a nail-biter because of redrafts and threats from European privacy advocates that they'd challenge it. The agreement was adopted on July 12 and is now the basis under which cross-border transfer of individuals' private information between Europe and the US is governed. But while business leaders on both sides of the Atlantic breathed a collective sigh of relief, the drama is far from over. Read full article.