Music Publisher Turns to Globalscape to Scale Business Processes

Mergers and acquisitions typically involve a substantial amount of due diligence by the buyer. It’s important that your customers and stakeholders, both internal and external, don’t experience any interruption in their business processes.

With any merger, there is a meshing process of two distinct companies’ IT infrastructures, each with individual policies and procedures. What often follows is a slew of technology integration issues and conversations about how to work together to continue to provide a high level of service during the transition. This is exactly what happened to one music publisher.

One of the largest music publishers in the US had acquired many smaller publishers, and was faced with the challenge of integrating and managing a high volume of new and complex data transfer workflows.

One such data transfer workflow involved tracking each instance of a song playing on radio stations and online streaming services, processing and reconciling that data, and then issuing invoices to sources and payments to artists. Each data source adhered to its own unique format, and extensive work had to be done to transform that data into a consistent format for further processing by internal applications. The company had already purchased Globalscape EFT with active-active high availability clustering, and they were running extensive automation, data validation and transformation work within the Advanced Workflow Engine with great success.

As a longtime customer, the company consulted Globalscape to discuss additional options for their complex processes. The organization needed to:

  • Continue to maintain constant availability of systems,
  • Process diverse formats and types of data into an expected output, and
  • Reduce the strain on existing systems and scale to meet growth.

Rather than simply expand their on-premises implementation horizontally, adding additional nodes to handle the increased load, they opted instead to acquire and initialize a new load-balanced and highly available Globalscape EFT implementation within their growing Amazon Web Services private cloud environment. The company was able to assign each implementation a discrete set of roles in the overall corporate managed file transfer strategy, thereby efficiently managing the complex business processes.

To learn more about how Globalscape’s solutions helped the music publisher increase its scalability and availability, read their success story today.

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