Major Upgrades Released in EFT Version 7.4.7

We are pleased to announce the release of EFT v7.4.7. This is one of our largest releases yet and there are a lot of exciting changes.

Here’s a quick review of EFT v7.4.7 highlights:

  1. Automated cloud storage monitoring for AWS S3 and Azure Blob
  2. Support for automation processes that involve cloud services like SharePoint, Azure Blobs, and AWS S3
  3. Remote administration of EFT through the DMZ Gateway®
  4. Remote agents that automatically upgrade or downgrade along with your EFT server
  5. Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) Action monitoring in the EFT Insight dashboard, giving you a complete one-stop shop for file transfer governance
  6. We’ve combined the High Security Module, Advanced Authentication module, and Content Integrity Control module into a single security module called the “Advanced Security Module” or ASM.

In addition to product enhancements, this release coincides with major changes to our product pricing and packaging. EFT SMB is now EFT Express. EFT Express offers three levels of service and support with a hassle-free buying process. The new EFT Express in Core, Basic, Pro or Custom is now available for purchase on our website.


Automate Your Workflows On-Premises, In the Cloud, and In-Between

EFT v7.4.7 is the most cloud-friendly build yet, thanks to the release of our upgraded AWE. This version of AWE supports cloud-based services like SharePoint, Amazon S3, and Azure Blobs. The new actions appear on the left side of the task builder window. A user simply has to select which action to use, no scripting necessary.

Easily Monitor Cloud Storage

Building on top of the upgraded AWE, Event Rule monitors are now available for Amazon S3 and Azure Blobs. The new Cloud Object Monitor is a folder monitor rule in EFT that will monitor your cloud storage and perform some file or folder operations as a follow-up action.

Together, the changes to AWE and the addition of Event Rule monitors for cloud storage make it easier than ever to automate your data storage and transfer processes with EFT.


Stop Wasting Time Searching Log Spam

New governance options will be particularly helpful for admins who spend time manually sorting through failed transfers and error logs to troubleshoot.

From the Insight dashboard, you can now easily monitor the file transfer processes that you automate with Advanced Workflows. With the inclusion of Insight, EFT is your one-stop shop for your data governance, administration, and compliance.


It’s Easier than Ever to Manage and Deploy your Remote Agents

In v7.4.7, Remote Agents automatically upgrade or downgrade along with EFT, meaning you don’t have to upgrade each agent manually when you make changes to EFT.

Administer EFT from Anywhere in the World through the DMZ Gateway®

Enhancements to DMZ Gateway allow you to administer EFT remotely from anywhere in the world. Theoretically, you could be securely administering your EFT from the beach.


Interested in upgrading EFT? Talk to your account manager today or contact us.