Happy SysAdmin Day!

SysAdmins: We Salute You

It’s a well-known fact that System Administrators have a tough job. They are often single-handedly responsible for keeping a business running smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Not to mention navigating a number of user errors and seemingly potential network-ending catastrophes on a daily basis (sometimes while on vacation), all because someone let their kids play Pokémon Go on their work phone.

It’s because of this tireless work that we get this special day once a year to spotlight their dedication and to say thank you. On this year’s SysAdmin Day, Globalscape surveyed its own IT team to find out about their pet peeves, career advice and overall perspective of a day in the life.

  • What *one thing* do you wish your users knew that would make your life easier?

Our collective team agreed that overall reading makes their life a lot easier. Whether it’s the users reading the information shared regarding upgrades, bugs, patches and potential issues or reading the warning/error screens that may pop up when an issue occurs.

  • Is it more of a challenge managing a network today than it was 10 years ago, and why?

Generally the team noted that yes, it’s much more difficult to manage a network today than it was 10 years ago. The overall complexity of systems has increased, and not only managing all the pieces but making them work together, can be very tricky and challenging at times.

  • What is the best piece of professional advice you’ve received as an IT guy?

The team was a bit split on their advice – but they seemed to agree that it’s about perspective. One of our IT team members said that “things break or become outdated,” so come to terms with what you cannot control or prevent. 

  • What advice do you/would you give to people just starting out in an IT career?

Be patient and be ready to find creative solutions to the oddest issues.

From all of us at Globalscape, we want to thank the SysAdmins out there and thank our own team for always being there for even the most outlandish of requests. Enjoy your day and May the Force be With You!