Government Agency Chooses Cloud-Based MFT Solution

According to a recent report by the industry analyst firm IDC, in 2016 the federal government will spend 8.5 percent of all IT expenditures on the cloud. The report also points to an upward trend in government IT spending, which could increase up to 50 percent. From the high cost often required to manage and maintain legacy systems to security and efficiency concerns, government agencies are finding more and more reasons why it’s better to move their data transfer infrastructure to the cloud.

Accomplish More with Less

One Globalscape government agency customer made the transition to cloud-based file transfers with the help of the Globalscape Professional Services team. The agency faced resource challenges and needed a more cost effective way to manage their file transfers. After a full assessment of their data transfer infrastructure needs, the government agency chose the following:

Why You Should Choose EFT Cloud Services

If your organization is in a situation where you need to do more with less, a cloud-based MFT SaaS solution may be a good alternative for data management. Cloud-based MFT SaaS solutions help organizations become more flexible in how they manage, use and protect their data. They also offer a cost-effective alternative to managing additional IT infrastructure onsite.

Still Want to Learn More about Cloud-Based MFT Solutions

If you’re evaluating a cloud-based MFT solution, be sure to take advantage of the free whitepaper and guide: “A Buyers Guide for Managed File Transfers in the Cloud.” In the guide, you can learn more about the built-in on-premises level security offered with some cloud-based MFT solutions, the efficiency boosting functions, among many other time and money saving benefits. 

To learn more about this Globalscape customer’s experience, read our success story, “Government Agency Saves Time with Professional Services” to discover how they enhanced efficiency, productivity, and security with the expertise of the Globalscape’s innovative technologies and Professional Services team. 

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