Globalscape Workspaces Promotes Collective Collaboration Between Distributed Teams

It is no doubt that times have changed post COVID-19. More and more businesses have moved their entire workforce to remote work as city and federal government officials have pushed for social distancing measures. A recent survey by Gartner shows that 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work. Twitter recently announced that their workforce can continue working from home permanently as a result of COVID-19. 

With so many organizations mandating their employees work from home, collaboration amongst teams can sometimes create loopholes in security and IT oversight. Tripwire published a report “Remote Work and COVID-10 Cybersecurity Impact Report” surveying a total of 345 individuals responsible for IT security. In this survey, 83% are more concerned about the security of collaboration tools and almost 90% say that it is harder to do a great job at security with a remote workforce. 

How is your new remote workforce collaborating and sharing documents, files, and other data? Unsanctioned applications that are free to download may appear a quick and easy fix, but can be detrimental to your network security, in addition to being deemed as “Shadow IT”.  


Within our Enhanced File Transfer (EFT™) offering, Workspaces is a tool that allows end users to share their folders with others (both internal and external to the organization) using any web browser or a Microsoft Outlook add-in. Workspaces provides the ability to easily share and collaborate on information that is securely managed by EFT. This includes existing authentication, access control, auditing, governance, and Event Rule workflow capabilities available in EFT. 

Workspaces for EFT makes sharing files and folders between internal and external users easy and secure. IT administrators have the benefit of retaining full control and visibility over their data infrastructure, ensuring that they maintain the highest levels of security and regulatory compliance. Your end-users can enjoy a simplified way of collaborating with virtually any file type and any internet browser, as well as Outlook email. 

The Web Transfer Client (WTC) is the interface for Workspaces that can be accessed via any internet browser. It allows you to transfer files over HTTPS to and from a server. By using the WTC, you can: 

•    Upload and download files to the server
•    Pause and resume a transfer
•    Cancel a transfer
•    Move files between folders 
•    Create, rename, and delete folders and files
•    Share folders with other users 

In our latest upgrade to our award-winning MFT solution, we added a password-protected pickup function allowing an administrator the option to require an out-of-band passcode before the end user can access files. This added security function ensures that your files and folders are sent to the person intended in case the recipient’s email gets hacked. 

Workspaces for Outlook is an enterprise ad-hoc file transfer solution that allows employees to quickly and securely send large files right from within Microsoft Outlook©. Workspaces for Outlook allows organizations to address broad scale, risky file sharing practices while providing an easy-to-use interface for end-users that requires little to no training from IT staff. Users can quickly and easily send large files via email from within Microsoft Outlook© via the dedicated add-in, and benefit from an enhanced email experience with advance sending features, such as the ability to receive file pick-up receipts. Recipients pick up their files in their web browser via a secure link. Administrators have the ability to manage user transactions behind the scenes, including the ability to set secure link expiration overrides and set policies for the automatic handling of exceedingly large file attachments.


In a post-COVID-19 world, where many are calling it the “new normal”, organizations are having to deal with a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing a remote workforce. Having your employees collaborate with ease and security should not have to be a burden to your IT team. In addition, your organization does not have to sacrifice IT oversight and security just because your workforce is not in the office. 

Learn more about Workspaces by reading our Datasheet. If you are ready to add Workspaces to your EFT environment or have questions about our solutions, call us today at 1-800-290-5054 or contact us here