Globalscape Releases EFT Version 7.4.9 and Updates EFT Arcus

Globalscape’s Remote Agent Module (RAM) for the Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Enterprise platform allows organizations to perform unattended file transfers between remote locations and corporate headquarters with centralized control.

In the newest version of EFT, we’ve added additional functionality to RAM that allows remote agents to perform client transfers to any server. Remote agents can now pull files from a server and push files to EFT.  This functionality helps organizations maintain high security levels while quickly deploying and updating remote agents.

The new RAM functionality is available in EFT Enterprise and EFT Arcus. In EFT Arcus, these remote agents allow EFT Arcus to facilitate a hybrid managed file transfer (MFT)solution. Admins can use their remote agents to fetch files securely behind firewalls and send them to the cloud to be processed, with Arcus acting as the central MFT hub for management.

Some of our healthcare clients use this functionality to automate transfers to restricted, secure areas of their networks. Instead of needing to give an employee access to this system, admins deploy a remote agent to retrieve files and forward them on to EFT.

About RAM

The Remote Agent Module (RAM) enables IT administrators to automate transfers without creating custom code or scripts. With RAM, customers are able to:

  • Instruct remote agents to process files arriving in a monitored “hot” folder and/or to retrieve or send files to corporate on a schedule
  • Remove the need for admins to deploy and update remote automation scripts
  • Eliminate the need to deploy insecure, third-party FTP or SFTP clients

User Management Enhancements

In EFT 7.4.9, we’ve introduced functionality to make the management of users much easier.

  • Do you have users that come and go? We’ve added settings to remove/disable account after a certain number of days of inactivity.
  • Do you have processes dependent on LDAP attributes like specific regions? You can now map these LDAP attributes to the site and user level templates in EFT.
  • Do you have external users that you don’t want to add to LDAP? You can now subdivide and serve up separate login experiences based on whether the user is entering the domain internally or externally.

(These are available in EFT Enterprise and will be available in EFT Arcus later this summer)

The new functionality helps administrators manage users at scale and managed both internal and external Workspaces users, especially those who use the Drop-off Portal.

For more details about EFT Arcus, please read more here, for more details about EFT 7.4.9, read more here.