Globalscape Releases EFT Version 7.4.11

We are happy to announce we have released the latest version of EFT Express and EFT Enterprise. In this release, we’ve made a number of important enhancements across almost every part of the product. Many of these features have been generated from customer requests. (If you would like to request a feature, please speak with your account representative.)

Authentication Enhancements

In this release we’ve focused on making LDAP and AD administration easier by adding key features. These improvements include:

  • The latest version of EFT supports authentication chaining of Active Directory and RSA SecurID® or RADIUS to provide two-factor authentication for users as an added layer of security. 
  • For a more streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) experience, users can now initiate their login directly at their IdP (identity provider), and then be redirected to EFT as a pre-authenticated user. This saves time by eliminating unnecessary round-trips when performing the alternative: an SP (service provider) initiated login (SP-initiated), where the user first connects to EFT, which then redirects to the IdP, and finally, to EFT to complete the login process.     
  • Changes to our LDAP authentication process means organizations can now build targeted, domain-based, authentication experiences. Administrators can apply more granular settings to LDAP authenticated users who are external to the organization vs. their employees.    

Improved Performance for Cloud Transfers

We’ve enhanced EFT’s award-winning automation capabilities by adding more robust support for transfers to cloud services.  Administrators now have more options when connecting to Azure SAS for authenticating and access to Azure blob storage. We’ve also made significant performance improvements which have resulted in 8x faster transfer speeds comparable to native AWS and Azure tools.

Person to Person File Transfer Enhancement

We’ve made a number of usability enhancements to the Web Transfer Client including:
•    Added the ability to download folders
•    Added the ability for users to move folders
•    Added an error message with the option to auto-resume for background transfers if they fail
In addition to these changes we’ve made some changes to Workspaces. Sending and sharing permissions have been decoupled for users to give administrators more granular control. 

Protocol Enhancements

In the latest version of EFT, we’re updated the FIPS SFTP library with updated ciphers and algorithms. For the FIPS certified cryptographic module utilized by EFT’s SFTP and SSL/TLS based protocols, Globalscape is using version 2.0.10 of the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module (NIST FIPS certificate #1747). 

In addition to these changes, we’ve introduced more verbose SFTP logging to better show success/failure of transfers and to reflect algorithm use.
We’ve also updated our AS2 library. With this update, administrators can better enforce security policies by specifying allowed algorithms and signatures for inbound transactions. Administrators now have the ability to specify signatures and encryption algorithms for outbound transfers as well.

Before upgrading to 7.4.11, be sure to read the Knowledge Base article here to ensure a smooth upgrade process.  

New Tools to Measure Performance

EFT can now publish a series of counters to Window’s Performance Counter tool. Counters are used to provide information as to how well a system is performing. This data can help administrators better understand crucial performance metrics and size the requirements of their EFT infrastructure as new requirements are placed on the system.

We’re incredibly proud of this recent release as it builds on Globalscape’s legacy of providing powerful, secure and easy to use products.

For more details about EFT v7.4.11, please read more here or download the new version here.

Interested in upgrading EFT? Talk to your account manager today or contact us.  If you need to reach our Support department, click here