F5 Agility Conference Recap

This past week, several members of the Globalscape team were in downtown Chicago for the F5 Agility Conference. Globalscape is a member of F5’s Technology Alliance Program as well as a Silver Sponsor at this year’s event. Through the opening sessions the theme and namesake of the conference “Agility” began to take shape. The conference focused on weathering and succeeding in a disruptive, ever-changing technology marketplace. Clearly, this is something that the Globalscape community wrangles with constantly, so we thought it was worth sharing some of the insights from the show.

The overwhelming trends that surfaced at the show included:

Cloud: You would be hard pressed to find a person not talking about the cloud at Agility. Private, public or hybrid, the show was focused on adopting strategies to meet the challenges of tomorrow. One session in particular compared cloud adoption to the gold rush.

Security: Along with the focus on the cloud was the pressure to secure it. Discussions revolved around the dissolving of the organizational perimeter, in fact, one speaker referred to the cloud being the new perimeter of the organization, and the challenge implicit in securing it. Sessions focused on more efficient and secure methods of providing enterprise security. Solutions that were particularly interesting included behavior based authentication.

Staying agile and relevant and a rapidly shifting marketplace: Many of the organizations that are leaders today may not exist 10 or 20 years from now. The speed at which innovative technology is being adopted and integrated into enterprises is astounding. However, competition is swift and fierce. Before long, these new products and features that were once a differentiator will quickly become a commodity. Speakers urged organizations to be agile and innovative, and to always look for the next big wave before they are left behind.

Overall, the diversity of speakers headlining the show, as well as the global presence of the partners attending the event was very impressive. The guest speakers were well selected to complement the theme of innovation and agility. Partners came in from all over the world to Chicago. It really speaks to the strength and global footprint of the F5 organization.

One of the best surprises of the show was running into familiar faces. We had a number of customers come by our booth to see us. There was a large presence of end users at the conference for the F5 Labs which featured in-depth technical training on their products. It was great to check in and see how they were doing with EFT and talk about how they’ve integrated our product into their business processes. The uses for EFT ran the gambit from an energy company exchanging files with contractors, to a business analytics company transferring customer survey results for fast food chains.

One thing that was probably most surprising (and amusing!) was the prevalence of references to Pokémon Go. It seems like the world is still trying to make sense of the starting speed at which it became a global phenomenon.

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