Embracing the Future in the Cloud

It’s true. Cloud adoption is and has continued to rise. Cloud-based solutions have enabled organizations to be agile in ways that were not possible 10 years ago. Organizations have more options and can be more strategic in how they choose to spend IT time and expenditures. Now, with the benefits of a cloud infrastructure, organizations can expand, react, and achieve their business goals quickly and without the heavy upfront costs associated with investing in new infrastructure.

Historically, organizations have been skittish about storing data in the cloud, pointing to concerns over security of sensitive data, reliability issues, accessibility, and compliance. However, cloud environments are growing in sophistication and these challenges are becoming less of an impediment.

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An Inside Look at EFT Cloud Services

EFT Cloud Services is a solution that can quickly scale your data transfer infrastructure, while taking advantage of cloud architecture, making your transition to the cloud easier than ever. EFT Cloud Services is an advanced and flexible data exchange solution, fitting many business requirements for any industry.

“Companies looking for an all-cloud or hybrid file sharing solution would do well to assess Globalscape’s EFT solution."

- Terri McClure, Sr. Analyst, and Leah Matuson, Research Analyst, ESG
ESG Brief, Globalscape: Secure EFT, Simplified Compliance, Cloud Flexibility, April 2016

EFT Cloud Services provides the benefits described below:

Advance Security Capabilities

Choosing EFT Cloud Services means that you can protect your data and IT infrastructure with the security of an on-premises MFT solution, but with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. Among the EFT Cloud Services security features include, SSAE 16-compliant data centers, firewall infrastructure managed by hosting provider, full-time port monitoring, 24/7 intrusion detection and response services, 24x7 managed antivirus protection, and many more extensive security features.    

A Scalable and Cost-Effective MFT Solution

Pay-as-You-Go pricing options provide flexibility and will eliminate large upfront capital expenditures. EFT Cloud Services helps reduce the costs associated with ongoing maintenance expenses including hardware, software, personnel, utility services, and backup costs. At the same time, boost operational efficiency and maintain business continuity.

Rapid Infrastructure Deployment

EFT Cloud Services integrates with top hosting providers and provides users with the opportunity to start moving files in hours instead of days or weeks like other solutions, which makes it all the better when you need additional capacity to compensate for additional traffic.

Simplified Data Workflow Management  

EFT Cloud Services provides built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls help keep your data safe with enhanced visibility, governance, and automation tools. Administration is easy, yet granular enough for complete control. EFT Cloud Services allows an organization to:

  • Easily track and log all activity in the network through comprehensive user reports
  • Provide an easy and accountable record of network activity in the event of an audit, with logging and reporting capabilities provides an easy and accountable record of network activity
  • Meet, exceed, and maintain the highest compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and more

Embracing the cloud isn’t about following the latest technology trend. It’s about finding the best solution to support your business. Whether you are running a two-person IT department for a scrappy, new software startup or you’re running a 200-person IT department for a Fortune 500 enterprise, don’t discount the power of a cloud-based MFT solution. EFT Cloud Services combines Globalscape’s flagship managed file transfer suite with the secure and scalable cloud infrastructure. In a short amount of time, you can gain the competitive advantage with an MFT solution that provides the security of an on-premises MFT solution – in the cloud.

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