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Ensure you are operating on the latest, most secure version of Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT). Bookmark our Change Log page here to stay current on new versions, security libraries, and patches.
Current Versions:
•    EFT Enterprise:  v
•    EFT Express: EFT Express v
•    EFT Arcus: v EFT Arcus v7.4.14

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Boost Your Data Protection with DMZ Gateway
When it comes to today’s data processing requirements, it’s almost impossible to avoid a perimeter network or Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Unfortunately, insecure inbound connections make data in the DMZ vulnerable to malicious actors.

Don’t leave your data in the danger zone. Data security experts recommend you avoid storing any data on a perimeter network. In fact, some compliance regulations, including PCI DSS, strictly prohibit storing data on a DMZ. At Globalscape, we recommend using DMZ Gateway in conjunction with your EFT instance for multi-layer protection. Learn More or Schedule a Consultation

Secure File Transfer Use Case Featured Use-Case

UK Utility Blocks Cyberattacks, Maintains Ease of Use with Globalscape EFT™:  See how one of the UK's largest water companies used EFT to create a secure file transfer portal that can be safely accessed both internally and externally, while protecting the organization and its proprietary data. Learn More in the Use Case here.   

Globalscape Managed File Transfer BlogBlog Highlights 

  • Simplify and Secure Human Resource Management Applications with EFT Arcus. Human Resources (HR) technologies are one of the leading growth drivers in worldwide IT spending, according to Gartner. A single HR department may leverage a broad suite of core HR, workforce management, strategic, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications.

  • Delaying Compliance is Both Unwise and Unnecessary.  When news of GDPR first began hitting the airwaves, many said the regulation was too far-reaching. In truth it is an extensive regulation with lofty aspirations that transcend global borders. One could argue that not every GDPR noncompliant company will get caught. But is your company really willing to play the odds?
  • Globalscape CEO Discusses Commitment to Customers and Core MFT Competencies. After Globalscape was named Best Enterprise File Transfer Solutions Provider 2019, Globalscape CEO Robert Alpert spoke with CV Magazine about the company's commitment to customers and how this pioneer in the managed file transfer space mindfully combines devotion to core competencies with innovation.

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