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One Globalscape Customer Uses Mail Express to Send Sensitive Medical Documents Securely

Jan 20th, 2016

Securing Company Data with EFT and HSM

So Many Rules, So Little Compliance

Nov 05th, 2015

Five Simple Security Measures for Enterprise File Sharing

Top tips to plan and implement security measures that will support secure file sharing, protect your data and increase employee productivity

Aug 13th, 2015

News roundup: This week's tech topics

The Protecting Cyber Networks Act has hit the ground running, but there is always more to be done in the cybersecurity realm

Apr 28th, 2015

Cybersecurity and global politics intertwine

Cybersecurity has been deeply entrenched in the dynamics of international relations and global conflict. What does this mean for organization leaders and policymakers?

Mar 25th, 2015

Anthem aftermath: More lessons from the breach

Here are a handful of pointers that can help organizations avoid a crisis scenario a la Anthem.

Mar 17th, 2015

Insurers face new cybersecurity assessments

Insurance agencies are now in the spotlight as the NYDFS introduces new cybersecurity examination measures.

Feb 18th, 2015

Email security solutions shore up network defense

Email remains a go-to target for cybercriminals, and companies must remain alert.

Oct 07th, 2014

Tech giants Apple and Google fall victim to data breaches

Google follows Apple in September's data breach fiasco. 

Sep 12th, 2014