Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Tomorrow millions of Americans around the US will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. And soon after their holiday dinner has settled and the turkey coma lifted, the holiday shopping season will commence. Lines upon lines of bargain shoppers will kick off their holiday shopping during the infamous consumer holiday known as Black Friday. For those not willing to deal with the mad rush of bargain shoppers on Black Friday, they can enjoy the money saving deals that follow on Cyber Monday. 

"Total 2016 holiday sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion, representing a 3.6–4.0 percent increase in holiday sales from November through January."

Deloitte’s 2016 Annual Holiday Survey Report

Is your retail organization prepared to see an increased volume of financial transactions at digital or brick and mortars stores? Especially for retailers, preparing for the holidays means more than just getting those sales items ready…it’s about making sure your IT house is in order and can handle the extra demand.  

One Globalscape customer in the retail space faced challenges meeting its service-level agreements (SLAs) with financial institutions, which happened as a result of the retailer’s reliance on a disparate, legacy managed file transfer solution (MFT). The cost to maintain the legacy MFT solution was exceedingly high and caused the company to often go over budget.

Read our Success Story to learn how our retail customer gained the following benefits from using Globalscape’s EFT Enterprise:

  • Saved $100,000 in maintenance and support costs
  • Met SLAs through secure, automated file transfers
  • Streamlined processes by eliminating an inefficient legacy MFT system

If you need to get your data transfer systems in order and are considering an MFT solution, contact our solutions specialist for your FREE TRIAL. Learn more about EFT Enterprise deployed through our scalable tiered service, EFT Cloud Services. It can be installed quickly and cost effectively – just in time for the holiday season.