Take Your Business from Average to Agile with Cloud-based MFT

Inefficient IT processes drain resources, wasting both time and money. They are also counterintuitive to building an agile business. A cloud-based managed file transfer (MFT) solution can help you build the right data transfer ecosystem by helping you reduce inefficiencies. Here are a few questions to consider when evaluating a cloud-based MFT solution: 

1. Can the cloud-based MFT solution meet the pace and demand of your organization?

An agile business is flexible and can take action rapidly. If you need a project to be up and running quickly, then the cloud can be your best bet. With a rapid-deployment ready cloud-based MFT solution, you can accomplish your business objectives faster, not only because you don’t have an infrastructure to set up, but you also gain access to the IT and professional support of your cloud MFT vendor.

For example, an agile business environment can be an asset for a healthcare organization. Consider the hospital that purchases a new mobile x-ray system that requires images to be securely processed for patients, doctors, nurses and other relevant medical specialists. The mobile x-ray system needs to be up and running quickly, accessible from anywhere, and ready to adapt to the changing patient and doctor needs. The staff needs access to the new system as soon as possible so that they can do their job and help patients without delay.

With a cloud-based MFT solution like EFT Cloud ServicesSM, integrating a new system into the hospital’s IT infrastructure – or any organization’s IT environment -- can happen quickly.  

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2. Will the cloud-based MFT solution integrate with existing business applications and processes?

It’s important to find a cloud-based MFT solution that integrates within your existing infrastructure, business applications, and processes. With a cloud-based MFT solution, your IT department can use their time more efficiently, and move away from time-consuming and unreliable manual data transfer processes and scripts, which are common problems for companies using disparate or existing legacy file transfer systems. A cloud-based MFT solution simplifies complex data transfer processes through secure automation.  At the same time, the integration of a cloud-based MFT solution means that you can maintain a proactive vantage point because you will have full visibility over your data transfer environment.   

For example, if you’re a retailer merging different IT systems the ability to integrate a cloud-based MFT solution would prove beneficial with the swiftly approaching holiday season. With the integration of a cloud-based MFT solution they may experience a seamless transition, without any interruption to their existing processes and without disrupting any potential security defenses in place.   Furthermore, major retailers often move a high volume of financial data, ranging from purchase orders to payroll information and customer payment data. The last thing any major retailer wants deal with is integration or security challenges that escalate and lead to an interruption or potential slow down to with their business processes, during a busy holiday season or at any time.  

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3. Will the cloud-based MFT solution enable an ideal data management strategy?

From a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to a content management system (CMS), or an HR and payroll platform, a data management strategy is extremely important when it comes to managing your business applications. If you are moving sensitive data or high volumes of data, a cloud-based MFT solution, as part of a data management strategy, can help you efficiently and securely handle data between different systems. A cloud-based MFT solution should also offer the security of an on-premises MFT deployment.

As an example, a financial services organization’s a data management strategy can play an important role in meeting both business and compliance requirements. A financial organization launching an app for its users would need to keep their data associated with their marketing activities and individual users’ financial activities separate, based on who within the organization would need to access the information or any regulated requirements on handling the different types of information. With a cloud-based MFT solution like EFT Cloud Services, segmenting the data to accommodate both requirements can be more efficiently managed.  

Businesses Choose EFT Cloud Services

When you need the ability to quickly adapt to change, while ensuring a secure and efficient data transfer environment, Globalscape’s EFT Cloud Services is the best choice. EFT Cloud Services delivers the powerful security of an enterprise-level MFT solution through a cloud-based infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly.

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Peter Merkulov – Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology Alliances

Peter Merkulov serves as Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology Alliances at Globalscape. He is responsible for leading and overseeing the product strategy, product management, product marketing, and technology alliances teams.

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