4 Ways MFT Can Improve Your Business

In recent reports, Memorial Healthcare was required to pay out a $5.5 million settlement as a result of failing to protect patient health information (PHI) for 115,000 people. In the case of Memorial Healthcare, their IT department would have greatly benefitted from the operational visibility, governance, and added layer of security that could be gained from an enterprise managed file transfer (MFT) solution, like Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™).

Maintaining compliance is only one of many business requirements your organization may face on a daily basis. Below are four ways an MFT solution would help enhance your security posture, facilitate compliance, and help you maintain control over your IT infrastructure:

Scenario 1: You’re Still Using FTP or a Homegrown, Legacy File Transfer System

Quite a few of our customers come to us using FTP or a homegrown file transfer solution. They’ve complained about the old system being unreliable, inflexible, and potentially insecure. They often find that their transfers tend to fail when network latency increases. Ultimately, FTP or homegrown solutions were good at a point in time, but they have become too simple and ill equipped to handle the data exchange needs of the modern enterprise.

Why leave your data exchange solution in the last decade? By installing and deploying an enterprise MFT solution, organizations thrive with streamlined processes, immediate improvements in data transparency, control and automation.

Scenario 2: You’re Not Meeting Service-Level Agreements (SLA)

An SLA is a good indicator of a reliable and trusted service provider. It can make the difference between a canceled or renewed contract, and even a loss of future business. The problem with other methods of file transfer, even ad hoc methods, is that you are putting those service level agreements at risk. An enterprise level MFT solution is a reliable method of data exchange and also has added benefits of enhanced security and automation capabilities. Your network uptime and reliability are virtually guaranteed with an enterprise level MFT solution.

Scenario 3: You’re at Risk of Failing Compliance Audits or Regulations

The media constantly crucifies organizations that experience data breaches or fail to meet compliance mandates. How many stories have you read that focused more on what the company didn’t do to protect their IT infrastructure and the amount of data that was lost? For that reason, more and more organizations are looking to compliance mandates as the starting point to developing a secure and compliant IT infrastructure.

Developing a strategy and plan to meet and maintain compliance will take more than downloading security software. It takes building a comprehensive security policy, along with the right tools to enable proactive security measures that will empower your IT department to have full operational visibility and control over all IT infrastructure so that data and infrastructure access never comes into question.   

An enterprise level MFT solution helps an organization facilitate and maintain compliance in a number of ways. The primary way that an enterprise MFT solution facilitates compliance is through its operational visibility and control enhancing functions, which can be managed through its centralized platform for a more secure and audit-ready data and IT infrastructure management. At the same time, an MFT solution will help you protect your data in transit and at rest, while also keeping you in control over data access through user authentication.  

Scenario 4: You Have Lost Visibility into the Data on Your Network and Who Has Access to It

Maintaining visibility and control of your organization’s network can prevent expensive security breaches. You must know what data you have on your network, and you must be diligent about who can access that data. Poor visibility can lead to proprietary data falling into the wrong hands or breaking compliance regulations. That can damage your reputation and costs literally millions of dollars in fines and litigation. An enterprise MFT solution helps you keep track of all data movement on your network so that visibility and control over your network and data stays in your court.   

Improve Your Business with Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™)

Globalscape EFT will help you improve your business so won’t have to rely on inefficient, insecure, or non-compliant methods of data management. Globalscape’s award-winning MFT solution empowers you with:

  • A scalable data exchange solution that can be scaled to your IT infrastructure and data management requirements
  • An efficient, secure, and reliable environment so that you won’t miss SLAs
  • A solution that will help you meet and maintain compliance      

Securely collaborate with your business partners, customers and employees using EFT and its enterprise-level security. At the same time, you can automate the integration of back-end systems. Keep your data safe with built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls, while enhancing operational efficiency and maintaining business continuity with Globalscape EFT and its outstanding performance and scalability. Administration is easy, yet granular enough for complete control of your file transfer system.  

If you’re ready to see what it’s like have full visibility and control over your data and IT infrastructure, give Globalscape EFT a test drive.

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