Turn to the Cloud for Disaster Recovery Excellence

Aug 19th, 2014 / Category: Managed File TransferCloud Services

The sheer variety of hazards and threats that lurk throughout the modern digital landscape is enough to send any CIO running for the hills, but decision-makers have no choice when it comes to leveraging IT assets to remain competitive.

With so much time, money, and labor on the line, data must be protected by any means necessary if firms are to avoid falling victim to information loss during a crisis situation. Thankfully, virtualization tools and secure cloud storage can be a saving grace for IT leaders with precious data to safeguard, and plenty of services exist to meet this growing demand.

A Disaster Unto Itself

Despite a widespread awareness of the dangers of outages, interruptions, and security breaches, leaders throughout the business world are taking a shockingly lackadaisical approach to recovery, both on the technological and policy sides of the coin. Just how bad is the current DR outlook at the moment? According to a recent article from IT Web, Gartner research pointed out that only 35 percent of organizations have a disaster recovery plan in place, let alone a strategy that is proven to deliver value when it counts most.

The source argued that the cloud is the best approach to modern DR, offering flexibility, dependability, and cost-effectiveness in a variety of continuity scenarios. Cloud offerings tailored for dynamic DR planning are a must when designing a comprehensive recovery strategy.

"There are so few organizations with a disaster recovery plan that the obvious choice should be for businesses to look at expert cloud providers offering DRaaS, or even custom onsite or hybrid DR solution providers," said Attix5 CTO Petrus Human at a London cloud conference this summer, according to IT Web. "Most businesses have some sort of backup plan in place, but what happens when disaster actually strikes? We want to increase the awareness around the fact that many organizations could be in trouble."

Wide Area Solutions

Simply suggesting that business leaders leverage cloud technology isn't very helpful when searching for effective DR support, as so many off-premise offerings saturate today's market. That's why a wide area file sharing solution is such a compelling choice for any firm looking to keep its networks secure and free from leakage. Such tools offer end users peace of mind when collaborating from dispersed locations, and remain accessible even in events that result in internal network downtime. High availability and low risk are the keys to modern DR, and WAFS solutions deliver both.