Chief collaboration officers could boost innovation, security

Aug 18th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

The contemporary corporate environment should be a highly collaborative, team-oriented entity, especially given the widespread adoption of social technologies and content sharing channels that connect coworkers and departments across the organization. Still, far too few companies take full advantage of these tools and miss out on the benefits of collaboration as a result. A chief collaboration officer can be a powerful resource to bridge communication gaps between departmental silos and bolster information security in the process. 

Everybody in!
While the CCO may not be a conventional member of the boardroom, incorporating such a role can inject some key team-conscious perspectives and initiatives into the daily workplace experience. With social platforms already having crept their way into many company cultures, collaboration is occurring at an organic level. However a CCO can bring these projects to the next stage by solidifying strategies across the board, leveraging any natural momentum and driving tangible, bottom-line results for the firm.

A recent article from GCN argued that the inclusion of a CCO can not only open up communication across traditionally segmented business units, but also provide much-needed insight into the development and execution of an organization's IT strategy. The source explained that CCO's have a sharp eye for determining which solutions will deliver collaborative value, the best way to integrate such services into the businesses' IT scheme and where team gaps can be filled with next-gen technology. 

Lock it down
With collaborative projects growing in popularity across the public and private sectors, the question of security has become closely linked to these practices. In the C-Suite especially, business leaders need to ensure that every piece of content shared is protected by safeguard measures such as a secure file transfer solution. A recent article from IT Business Edge interviewed Renee Bradshaw, senior solutions manager with NetIQ, who explained that IT squads must be closely involved in every team-focused effort.

"The lack of collaboration between the IT security team and the rest of the business represents a gaping hole in the protection of sensitive organizational assets," Bradshaw told the source. "At the root of every single data breach is a human being."

No matter how granular or extensive an enterprise collaboration strategy may be, decision-makers must remain conscientious of how content distribution and file sharing affect other parts of the organization. With the help of tailored solutions and CCO support, mitigating or eliminating security gaps can be a reality for leaders in every sector.