Mobile enterprise efforts must address both security and data quality

Aug 14th, 2014 / Category: Enterprise Mobility

From the finance industry to government, organizations across sectors are striving to boost their productivity and operational opportunities by leveraging more mobile tools and resources. However, while employees may be eager to use smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices to achieve greater convenience and flexibility away from their desks, these initiatives present several challenges. Enterprises must take these seriously to ensure their mobile strategies don't come at the expense of their information resources and business success.

Secure file sharing and other programs for professional activities should be assessed against these considerations as part of a strong enterprise mobility strategy.

Staying secure while going mobile 
Security is probably one of the first concerns that comes to mind when decision-makers consider increasing the mobile options in their firms. As FedTech Magazine explained, the Department of Defense is currently balancing goals to achieve greater productivity and user satisfaction with the highly important task of ensuring sensitive, confidential information stays secure.

The Defense Information System Agency, which is assisting defense entities with their shift to more mobile workflows, has turned to several strategies in order to boost protection while still providing intuitive, efficient tools. In particular, the agency leverages private cloud resources to offer greater access without putting data at risk by storing it on portable (and, therefore, easy-to-lose) devices, the source added.

In addition, DISA installs secure gateways and ensures version management control tools are available so entities can better monitor their resources. Such features are beneficial components of secure file sharing platforms, particularly when used within a mobile context.

Beyond security 
It's not just the protection of their data that organizations need to keep in mind, however. As David Akka, managing director of Magic Software, cautioned in a blog post, increasing the use of mobile devices - and their small screens - can present problems for keeping data accurate and integrated. Although Akka was specifically addressing CRM tools, the main point applies to just about any mobile enterprise endeavor: Organizations need to make sure their tools are well-adapted to mobile screens to reduce the chance that users will mistype and enter erroneous information.

It's no small problem, either. Akka referred to a recent study by Experian on contact data accuracy, which found that U.S. companies believe one-quarter of their information is inaccurate—even though 93 percent say that data is essential to their marketing success.

Since most organizations rely heavily on their digital information, selecting the right secure file transfer tools and other enterprise apps is a key piece to achieving success with mobile initiatives.