Mitigating mobile data loss demands secure file sharing solutions

Aug 14th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

Although recent headlines have shed light on major, alarming cybercriminal activity, an organization doesn't need to be the target of a hacker ring to suffer data loss. In fact, an article from CSO pointed out that most missing data is not the result of malicious intent, but rather poor security protocols and a lack of best practices. IT decision-makers must recognize the importance of secure file transfer tools no matter what documents or materials are being sent over the Web. This is especially true at the executive level, where sensitive information is sent between business leaders on a frequent basis. 

Safeguarding secrets
Aside from being a potential hub of insider threats and a common target for digital attackers, the C-Suite often fails to protect its own data with the same rigor as the rest of the organization, explained CSO. The perception that mobile device management and other security solutions may reduce flexibility is still prevalent at the executive level, leaving many boardrooms vulnerable to letting vital information slip through the cracks or be stolen. Native applications remain the chosen tools for decision-makers, but many do not realize they are exposing the company's most valuable digital assets by using them.

It is crucial that executive leaders view themselves not only as guardians of their organization's key secrets, but also as role models for the rest of the employees. In addition, this goes for the security measures used by IT teams. Stringent authorization and monitoring strategies must be implemented at all levels in order to fully protect the flow of information throughout a company's network.

An article from JD Supra highlighted a story in which an upper-level employee stole proprietary information, despite the company having a range of security strategies in place. The perpetrator was brought to court only after he continued to steal information following an initial warning. Although the theft did not occur at the executive level, the most devastating insider malice often takes place within the boardroom walls, meaning leaders must never let their guard down.

Make security simple
An easy way to circumvent the inconveniences of a foreign mobile device management platform is to adopt secure file transfer software capable of protecting legacy mobile applications. When a company's safeguarding measures fit organically with its existing email and sharing solutions, executives and employees alike can enjoy their preferred end user experiences without sacrificing security.