The CIA triad revisited

Jul 08th, 2014 / Category: Managed File Transfer

The CIA isn't just for spies and aliases. The acronym may most commonly refer to the Central Intelligence Agency, but for your organization, there's another CIA that's equally—if not more—important. We're talking about three crucial components of data management: confidentiality, (data) integrity, and accessibility. Balancing this CIA triad keeps your organization running smoothly and efficiently.

Is the information your company collects and stores available only to people who are authorized to view and use it? In addition to privacy considerations, which are regulated by legislation such as the United States' Health and Information Portability and Accessibility Act as well as the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act, organizations also need to ensure confidentiality for their clients and internal projects.

As TechTarget put it, confidentiality is all about making sure sensitive information doesn't reach the wrong people without preventing the right stakeholders from accessing it. Is your data protected with the leading data encryption standards and secure Internet protocols? Selecting a secure file transfer solution that puts these pieces in place can help you ensure confidentiality at your enterprise.

You rely on the accuracy of your data. That's why you need to make sure it can't be altered by unauthorized parties who might not have the best intentions. This includes maintaining the security and consistency of your information during transit and in storage. 

IT Security Community Blog explained that cryptology methods can be used to verify the trustworthiness of your data by hashing the information and comparing it to the hash of the original. However, this tactic also requires a strong secure file sharing system because the original hash must be transferred in a dependable manner. TechTarget advised putting measures in place to detect alterations in data should an unexpected incident, such as an electromagnetic pulse or server crash, occur.

Secure, accurate data won't do you much good unless it's available when you require it. Not only do you need to establish account management to ensure the right employees have access to the resources they need, you should also make sure your system can provide dependable availability. For the most mission-critical information, high availability modules, such as for Globalscape's EFT Active-Active clustering configuration, provide consistent, always-on availability, even if one component of the system goes down.

By evaluating your system in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility, you can implement security and data management measures that ensure your company makes the most of its information resources and upholds its responsibility to protect sensitive details.